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How to Use Instagram Ads As Well As Their Cost

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By April 2017, Instagram had over 700 hundred users and twice the number that Twitter has. Therefore, it is given that Instagram ads can benefit your business in a great way. As expected, you do need to have some great visuals and high-quality photos to be effective when using the platform for advertising. Most companies have used this approach and instantly become competitive in their respective industries within no time. A large number of Instagram users makes it impel business growth every day. All you need to do is place a hashtag to your target audience using your brand and you are instantly within the reach of numerous clients. However, you do need information when using Instagram ads on how it works as well as the cost of Instagram ads. This removes any uncertainty that you may have that may lead you to fail using Instagram ads to improve your business online by gaining more clients and increasing your revenue. This article will give you pointers on this information to show you how to use the platform within your budget to create stunning advertisements and impel business growth.

Why you need to
advertise on Instagram

Further to the statistics given above, Instagram is a social media site that is growing every day and at a fast rate. In addition, companies that use Instagram have double from 2016 from 11% to 70%.

By March 2017 there were over one million accounts that used advertising on the platform according to eMarketer. This is after only 200,000 accounts were using Instagram ads for their company advertising needs. This displays a growth that is 5 times compared to other social media sites.

Therefore, marketers are aware of how much worth they can get when using Instagram ads. eMarketer also included a statistic on mobile Instagram ad revenues. They were at 2.17 billion as of 2017. The same study predicted that the revenue for this platform will exceed that o Twitter and Google regarding net mobile display ad revenue.

Reason to consider Instagram ads despite the size of your business

  1. Anyone is allowed to advertise on the platform
  2. You gain a targeted audience with Facebook as Instagram now belongs to facebook
  3. There is a limitless engagement on Instagram. And great market data can be accrued by a company through the comments section on Instagram or Facebook.
  4. The advertisements look like any other posts shared here.

As such, if you need to get more clicks for your website, increase brand awareness, generate sales, or boost downloads for an Ebook, Instagram will help you reach a larger audience.

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Instagram ad formats

here are six main Instagram ads that you can select when using the platform. Of these, four are Instagram feed ads while the remaining two are used when dealing with Instagram Stories ads.

1. Instagram feed ads

These include
Video Ads

  • Photo Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Carousel Ads

a. Photo Ads
This is a single image Instagram ad that allows you to create six ads using a single image. You can use the guideline in this link to create these Photo Ads.
b. Video Ads
Single video ads contain a video or a gif. Follow this link to learn how they are created.
c. Slideshow ads
These are Instagram ads that allow you to add as many as ten images that you can loop and add music too. You can follow this link to learn more about how to create them.
d. Carousel ads
When using Instagram ads Carousel allows you to add two or more videos or images. You can follow this link to learn more about Carousel ads.

2. Instagram story ads

Only recently, Instagram introduced Instagram Story ads to businesses globally. These Instagram ads will appear in between people’s posts. The two types of Instagram story ads include single video or single image.
Single image ads
You can include six ads within one image when using this format.
Every ad will look like and Instagram story post and the text at the bottom will mention that it is “Sponsored”.
To create them, you upload an image, enable offline tracking or Pixel, and change your selection using advanced settings.
Single video ads
Using this format, upload GIF or video. However, there is a 15-second limit when using Single Video Ads.
To create them, upload the video or gif and select your required thumbnail.
This thumbnail is what is seen by your visitors before the video or GIF begins. Therefore, pick a high-quality thumbnail.
Also, you can select offline tracking or pixel by selecting “Show Advanced Options”

How much do Instagram ads cost?

When using Instagram, you will definitely want to know the cost of Instagram ads. Despite Instagram being a part of Facebook, the cost of advertising is not the same. The cost of Instagram ads depends on your budget. However, the general cost is $5. As such, if you pay Instagram $10 for an advertisement, you can be sure that you will not pay any more than that.


In conclusion, the above guide will help you get better opportunities regarding your reach. Use the above guidelines and you will experience business growth by getting more customers and more revenue for your business. From the statistics above, it is clear that Instagram is the best bet when seeking ad campaigns or advertising. Therefore, use the biggest social media platform through Instagram ads to improve your business.

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