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Kinsta Review: A High-Performance WordPress Hosting

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Many hosting companies will have speed and lack integration with WordPress or even lack both. If I were to choose one without the other, I would opt for speed when it comes to WordPress hosting because the rest will come automatically. A slow web is irritating to anyone and will make you lose interest of what you are looking for. In blogging, fast impression leaves a lasting perception. Visitors will avoid your site if they find it slow.

Kinsta hosting uses servers on the Google Cloud platform and exclusively hosts WordPress websites. They have dedicated their energy and time to optimize setup for WordPress website. With thousands of WordPress web hosting plugins in the market, getting a reliable host is a tedious task, especially when all promise to deliver but do the opposite.

However, Kinsta WordPress hosting is different since it has set a milestone in WordPress web hosting. Moreover, it doesn’t have any struggles staying in the market and its credibility puts it on top. Kinsta is the fastest WordPress hosting and focuses on three crucial aspects of the website: speed, uptime, and website security. Google Cloud Platform’s multi-regional development allows Kinsta clients to choose from 15 hosting location from Europe, Asia, and USA.


Besides reliability, speed is the second most important aspect of any good WordPress host. It is crucial for SEO purposes, convenience, and excellent user experience. Kinsta WordPress hosting speed is exceptional and won’t disappoint.

The reason why it is regarded as the fastest WordPress hosting is cutting-edge technologies such as Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers, and MariaDB. TheLXD offers isolation with automatic scalability that allows high-level transportability between host machines to enable complete and instant backups of the whole environment. This has reduced loading speed significantly from 2.260 seconds to 0.836 seconds. A copy of your website is created in the stage area allowing you to make changes to the website without necessarily messing up the live website when customizing..

Kinsta-hosted websites are totally secured with firewalls and they undergo scanning continuously for malware. A compromised website will be fixed by Kinsta’s hack fix free of charge. Kinsta-hosted websites are monitored for uptime and detection protocols are there to detect DDOs attacks. Automated backups are done every day and are restored anytime with a click of a button. It allows 14-30 backups at once depending on the plan.

Kinsta Dashboard

Its dashboard layout has a two-factor authentication and activity logs to ensure that you are the only person accessing your dashboard. You can view your invoices, visitors, and overall bandwidth usage. A search filter is also available if you have many sites. The tool helps to clear cache quickly in the dashboard directly.

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Client Area

The hosting provides its customers with a user-friendly client area that enables them to carry out their website activities with ease. You can request website migration, review billing, view website analytics, and configure your account settings.


Free Site Migration

Moving your existing WordPress site from any host to Kinsta is easy because you need to sign up an account and use the migration form in the dashboard with their migration team handling the rest. It will not affect the uptime of your site, and a test will even be conducted before it goes live to ensure that everything works as intended after migrating.

Free SSL Certificates

Kinsta provides clients with free SSL certificates with every hosting plan. The SSL certificates are powered by LetsEncrypt and offer a one-click SSL configuration on your website. This keeps your WordPress website up and running in seconds.


Customer Support

You can’t expect sub-standard support with its expensive packages. Kinsta WordPress web hosting customer support is remarkable. It uses a ticket-based support system via intercom. It’s like a real-time chat but in the background, it isn’t. Their team is available 24/7 on the Kinsta  WordPress web hosting dashboard. Breaking up in the middle of the night isn’t an issue because someone is always available to assist you. They are more experienced in scaling than any hosting on the market. The team emphasizes on website speed and is more knowledgeable in WordPress hosting


Kinsta’s plans are pocket-friendly. You can have entry-tier plans at $ 30 per month for starters, which allows 20,000 visits per month. The plans are based on: • The number of WordPress blogs or sites you want to host • The number of visitors allowed each month • The number of PHP workers you need

Kinsta is high-end performance hosting. They are not in it simply for the competition with major players; they have their clients’ needs at heart. What makes the difference is the number of WordPress sites they allow, the number of visitors allowed month, and storage space. More PHP workers are located to your site for every higher plan. PHP workers execute code on your site. Therefore, more workers allow multiple requests to execute simultaneously.

Pro plan supports multiple sites. Business 1 plans and above allows access to SSH with popular developer tools like WP-CLI. Custom and enterprise plans are also available for extra needs.
• Starter plan goes for $30 and offers 1 WordPress install 20,000 visits each month, 3GB disk space, and free SSL & CDN certificates
• Pro plans at $60 offers 2 WordPress installs, 40,000 visits a month, 6GB disk space, free SSL, and CDN.
• Business plan goes for $100 per month and allows 3 WordPress installs, 100,000 visits per month, 10 GB disk space, and free SSL & CDN certificates
• Business 2 offers 10 WordPress installs, 250,000 visits each month 20 GB disk space, and free SSL & CDN certificates at $200


• Great speed
• Instant backup
• Each site has data centres to choose from
• Free SSL certificate
• SSH and WP-CLI out of the box
• Free migration
• Cache flushing.


• Dashboard needs splitting and polishing
• Expensive even for entry levels

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What differentiates Kinsta WordPress hosting from other hosting is the power it gives users to access large hosting platforms with simplicity. It is highly optimized and can handle any traffic you give it. Kinsta has a solid security and everything is backed up.

One setback I noticed is that their rather basic staging environment. You can’t move just one aspect of your website; whether it’s a file or a database. You have to entirely move everything but I believe that it’s a small issue that developers are looking into. I believe the review has given you enough insight about Kinsta WordPress hosting but to fully satisfy your curiosity, you can try it and get the first-hand experience.

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