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Gravatar is what was previously known as Avatar or a “Globally Recognized Avatar” for your WordPress website. When you use Gravatar on your WordPress website, it helps you identify yourself on your website as well as any other blog or website that has enabled Gravatar as a plugin. With this identifying mark, you do not need to reintroduce yourself or the views on your WordPress site as the Gravatar helps you do so. In addition, you do not require an account to have a Gravatar on any blog or website. All you need to do is use a plugin in your Website and enable this feature. This article will give you more information about this. To enable Gravatar on your WordPress Website, what you need to do is visit the Gravatar website. Once you do so, you can choose how to apply the plugin as will be displayed in this article. When done, you are now visible in other websites that represent you and your website and also provide more visibility to your WordPress website.

Setting up a Gravatar Account on WordPress

This is a straightforward process. What you use is free to use API. Therefore, you do not require any authentication as Gravatars are based on HTTP GET results that are rather simple. In addition, all WordPress updated versions have support for Gravatars. Therefore, once you sign in to your Gravatar account, you tweak the settings to ensure that you enable Gravatar for WordPress.
You can do so by simply following these steps.

1. Sign up for your Gravatar Account

You have an established WordPress; therefore, to create Gravatar for identity, sign in to WordPress and move to your dashboard.

You have an established WordPress; therefore, to create Gravatar for identity, sign in to WordPress and move to your dashboard.

2. Manage Gravatars

When you are in your Gravatar account, you need to know that it is associated with the settings in your WordPress. Therefore, pick your email and modify if you require doing so. Once you have added the new email, move on to the next step.


How to use Gravatar

3. Pick an image

Ensure you add the Gravatar image that you require; you can delete those images that are currently present in the image section. In this section, do not forget to add any email addresses that you wish to use linked in any website to an email not linked to your WordPress email address. Once you have your Gravatar image on your WordPress website, move to step.

4. Gravatar profile creation

This service on Gravatar offers you the chance to create a profile. Access this section by clicking your Gravatar image where it is located on your WordPress website. Fill in your Name details, Gravatar display name, your location, a little about yourself. Further to this, there are additional details required in the profiles sections. The reason for filling up these sections is because you are using your Gravatar to improve your visibility online. As such, you need to promote your business and increase traffic for your WordPress website by filling the following details.

Photo Gallery

Here you can improve your display gallery by uploading images you would like to use in the future as your Gravatar for WordPress.





Use this section to link your WordPress website, other websites, or specific blogs to your site. This way, you create backlinks once a visitor clicks on your Gravatar identity in a foreign blog or website.



Gravatar Blog


Here, the plugin allows you to upload an image that will act as a background to your Gravatar profile identity.




Contact information

You are allowed by the plugin to add any additional contact information that visitors to your Gravatar image can get.




Verified Services

Here, you get to verify other accounts that show that it is really your Gravatar picture on display and it does lead back to your account.


Crypto Currencies

You can add your wallet addresses for cryptocurrencies that you can use to do some crypto trading with those who are affiliated to your cryptocurrency blog. Once you are done with your set up, remember that you do need to manage your WordPress Website Gravatars. Here is how to do so.



Avatar Display

Ensure you manage your Gravatars by turning them on or off for your WordPress Website.




Gravatar Hovercards

It is okay to allow users to view the profiles of those other Gravatar accounts that appear on your WordPress website.




Maximum Rating

Ensure you choose a rating level that you would like to appear on your WordPress website.




Default Avatar

Choose a default avatar to apply or appear when a visitor to your website does not have a default image.




Checkout Quick video review on Gravatar

Source: Cyrus Sandoval


Overall, using the above information, it is imperative to note that it is not just about adding a Gravatar image to your WordPress Website. A picture displays more than a thousand words. Therefore, the information your Gravatar identity display speaks more about your brand’s credibility, it provides a name to your business and gives some great information about the need to be identified as a brand. There will be more value to your post or comment on your WordPress website or other websites when it contains a Gravatar that is associated to your by your clients and website visitors. As such, use the above process to set up your Gravatar image and increase your visibility while improving conversion rates and sales for your online business.

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