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MailChimp: Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

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Are you interested in an email marketing service that provides excellent services and great user experience? Nothing beats MailChimp – the best email marketing software.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp WordPress plugin is a free email service provider that started out in 2001 and is one of the largest email service providers out there catering for small businesses that are just starting out. It has over 17 million subscribers worldwide, due to its easy to use interface, fan logo, and its free plan. Not only that, it also creates beautiful newsletters.

How does MailChimp work?

Like many other email service providers, it has all the best email marketing tools you need to collect leads, create emails, and send them out. There are a few things you need to do first before you can start benefiting from their offer. Here are some of them:

Sign up Forms

In MailChimp WordPress plugin, you first have to create Lists to group a set of subscribers. For starters, you’ll need to build some forms to get subscribers onto your Lists. Sign up forms are built in different ways on MailChimp. First, you can build a form using MailChimp’s editor and once completed, it will provide you with some code which you can embed in your website like in your sidebar or below a post. Or you can use the Subscriber popup option to create a popup style opt-in form.

In MailChimp, Instead of clicking on an element to customize it, you have to click the separate design for styling and customization. Adding things like checkboxes to your forms is very easy since form editor handles custom fields very well. I would highly recommend using something more specially tailored to collecting emails like Thrive Leads or LeadPages, instead of using the MailChimp form builder.

Both of these will allow you to design forms that fit your brand, and they including better MailChimp mail templates and great features like split testing for more signups. There is no need to work with the form editor since MailChimp works very well with these two products.


MailChimp operates in one key concept called email marketing campaign which is where you create emails you want to send. The service provides a wizard type workflow interface that gives you a step-by-step process for setting up campaigns. Step 1 is to pick your campaign type. A regular campaign type allows you to send HTML emails.

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The second step is picking subscribers on your list to send to. You can decide to send to your entire list or create a segment based on certain conditions.

The segments created can be based on:

  • Subscribers who have opened a specific campaign
  • Subscribers who have opened any of the last 5 campaigns
  • A subscriber has replied to a specific campaign
  • Subscribers have accomplished a specific goals

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You can also save segments for future use

Thirdly, you need to provide info for your campaign. The information may include: your subject line, naming your campaign, and if you want to enable various tracking options like tracking opens, clicks, e-commerce link etc. After that, you need to create a template. A template, in this case, is MailChimp’s preset layout used to send emails. You can create your own templates from scratch or decide to use MailChimp’s premade themed free mail templates. What makes MailChimp email templates easy to use is the drag and drop email editor. You can drag various components like text blocks, images, buttons, and videos into your emails, using the Components tab on the right-hand side of the editor. You can also rearrange them the way you please to achieve your desired design. Changing the look of your template is achieved by switching to the design tab to set background colors, borders, and other style elements to make your emails pop. MailChimp has recently added web fonts to further customize the look of your email. The final step allows you to review all your campaign options and if there are any problems it will warn before sending your campaigns. If there are no problems, you can choose to send this campaign immediately or schedule it to go out at a future time.

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MailChimp Automation

MailChimp has very simplistic marketing automation capabilities, compared to its competitors. Instead of building your own, MailChimp has 15 pre-made. Marketing automation tools to choose from. The automation is accessed by creating a new email campaign and choosing the Automated tab. You can also access important MailChimp reports and stats.

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Final Thoughts

MailChimp by itself is certainly a solid email service provider. It provides all the basics you need to add email marketing to your business. And if you’re new to the email marketing game, its Forever free plan does make a compelling argument for you to try it. Its email template builder is quite good, and it also integrates with several other products and services since it is so popular. However, if you compare its advanced features to other email service providers out there, MailChimp is looking a little long in the tooth. Especially when you look at the marketing automation side of things. Without support for tagging and some sort of visual editor, it really lags behind the pack when you compare it to the competition. MailChimp pricing favors all types of ventures and that is what keeps it at the top. Check out other MailChimp reviews for more information.


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