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Ways to make Money by using your Blog to advertise

Ways to make money by using your blog to advertise is a complete guide to maximizing your blog’s financial potential through adverts. Keep on reading this post to learn more.
Your blog is a potent money factory as long as you know how to use it optimally. Even though blogging is not a miracle shortcut to making quick riches, you can develop and build your blog step-by-step until it becomes a steady channel of income you can live on and also employ other people. One of the strategies you can use to monetize your blog is learning how to make money with advertising. The reason here is that advertising is one of the most profitable channels of earning cash from the internet.

In this post, I am going to share with you some of the most proven methods you can harness and learn how to make money from your blog using adverts. You can harness and get your fair share of this multibillion-dollar industry. Keep on reading below to understand some of the channels of advertising you can leverage to monetize your blog.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews are some of the best ways of advertising on your blog that can earn you some good cash. These reviews are a form of indirect advertising where a company that is sponsoring a particular product or service contacts a blogger to do a promotional review that is meant to make people buy the product or use the service. The sponsor of the product or service, in turn, pays the blogger based on a number of factors such as their ranking, authority, and the amount of traffic the blog gets. The cost of such blogs varies between some $150 and $500.

Affiliate Adverts

Another form of online advertising you can optimize to make your blog more profitable is signing up for affiliate programs. You can choose to promote links to products and services that are relevant to your area of specialty. When a prospect follows that link from your blog and then purchases that product, the vendor or manufacturer pays you based on the agreement you have with them. Some of the favorite affiliate programs you can sign up for are Amazon and eBay.

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Direct Ads

Another best way to make money from your blog is to sell direct ad space on your blog. You can offer space on your blog for your visitors to advertise there. Additionally, you can show these kinds of ad spaces in the form of banners displayed on your blog. Your pricing will vary depending on the amount of traffic your blog receives.

Pay per click advertising

Pay-Per-Click is another form of advertising you can leverage to monetize your blog. Another name for this advertising is Cost-Per-Click. Under this arrangement, you will receive payment based whether visitors will click on the advert or not.

Cost Per Thousand

Another form of advertising on how to make money with a blog for beginners is Cost-Per-Thousand. This kind of advertising allows you to get paid for every 1,000 advert impressions served. This method is an alternative for Pay-Per-Click.

Parting Shot

Anyone can optimize their blog to make money with advertising as long as they know how to navigate and master that realm. Adverts, both direct and indirect, offer blog owners many opportunities to monetize their blogs. These advertising platforms are different, and they pay differently based on various factors such as blog traffic. You can leverage the insights I have shared in this post to get your blog on the path to profitability.


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