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MindStir Media Self-Publishing & Book Marketing Service Review (2021)

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MindStir Media is an innovative self-publishing company offering a complete solution when you want to publish your book. The company offers services such as Design, editing, distribution, endorsements, mentorship, and more. MindStir Media is there to ensure that you have a seamless self-publishing process.

Many authors who finish writing their books face many challenges and hardships when trying to publish their books. To get rid of all these hurdles and hassles, MindStir Media has come up with a support process to help authors achieve their book-publishing goals.

Read along to understand how MindStir Media works and why it’s the best self-publishing company for you.

What is MindStir Media?

Mindstir Media Self Publishing-MindStir Media

MindStir Media is an award-winning self-publishing company that makes it much easier for all sorts of authors to self-publish, distribute and promote their books.

For over a decade now, MindStir has helped numerous authors worldwide, making it the self-publishing platform and website according to iTech Post, Penny Matters, and BestTechie. Besides publishing, MindStir Media also offers authors ongoing mentoring from its founder and bestselling author, J. J. Hebert.

Any author who decides to self-publish a book with MindStir Media is assigned a friendly, dedicated project manager or representative author. His or her work is to help the author with the book publishing process. The self-publishing company also provides editors, book designers, self-publish marketing experts, and illustrators to authors who require these services done by professionals.

Benefits of MindStir Media Self-publishing Service

Teaming up with MindStir Media when you want to publish your finished book doesn’t get any better if you are a self-publisher. The company offers its authors seven publishing packages to select from. With each package, authors get assisted self-publishing in various formats, coaching & mentorship, ebook conversion, black & white interior design, customized color cover, marketing for self-publishers, global distribution, and availability Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Ingram, and so many more.

The coaching that authors get from the owner and founder of MindStir Media, J.J. Hebert, is what makes the publishing packages unique, and it’s done on a personal level. He is also a best-selling author on Amazon. All of MindStir Media publishing packages come with ongoing mentorship and coaching from J.J. Hebert, meaning you won’t need to pay extra for these services. As a new author, all you need to do is choose one of the seven packages and begin selling your self-publishing books via MindStir Media’s massive distribution network. The company will manage printing and order fulfillment on your behalf.

Main Highlights of MindStir Media

They are ranked as the #1 Self-Publishing Company by Penny Matters, BestTechie, and Kev’s. The self-publishing company is also A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau(BBB). Authors can use their custom book designs. The designs are all unique and not template-based.

Many of its editors understand the struggles and challenges of publishing a book and offer constructive advice since most of them are also authors. The entire self-publishing process is managed by MindStir, which includes printing, distribution, and marketing/publicity.

Most books published by MindStir Media have won 40+ literary awards in vast genres. Authors are given mentorship and coaching on book publishing from J.J. Hebert, the owner of MindStir Media and self-publishing expert featured in Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur magazines. Books published by MindStir Media are distributed in 190+ countries to over 39,000 booksellers and retailers.

The self-publishing company works with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and, some of its notable retailers. MindStir offers its authors up to 100% royalties. MindStir Media also allows authors who can’t afford to pay cash to pay in installments. All they need to do is apply for financing through MindStir and its partner Enable Financing. Once an author fills a firm out for financing and submits it, MindStir will be pre-approved within 2 minutes.

MindStir has a connection to Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, which gives authors unique opportunities such as publishing options. Harrington helps new authors to promote their books.

Features of MindStir Media

There is nothing more unique than getting access to J. J’s experience, knowledge, and support. That is exactly what you are going to get by choosing MindStir Media as your self-publishing partner.

Besides that, MindStir also offers other great services and packages that are worth your investment. Here are some of them:

Book Marketing and Publicity Service

As an author, teaming up with MindStir Media also provides you with a separate book publicity service not included in their packages. The self-publishing service has an experienced team of promoters and book publicists who have helped many authors to attain bestseller status on Amazon. A good example is their promotional package that runs for three months as a campaign.

Other ways of helping authors to market their books include:

  • Through their website
  • A book trailer
  • Press release articles on authoritative sites
  • Editorial reviews
  • Social media management

MindStir presents the author’s book to relevant readers and builds up your reviews on Amazon. This is a great way of signaling potential readers on Amazon, the biggest book-selling platform globally. A Virtual Book Tour is also offered in some of its packages!

This online publicity campaign that runs for one month involves written interviews between you and five other bloggers. With these blog posts, authors get to drive sales by showcasing their books to various potential audiences.

Authors who are not afraid of the other aspects of self-publishing but are concerned about self-publish marketing will appreciate this effort.

Illustrations for Kid’s Books

Another awesome feature of MindStir is helping authors who publish children’s books to illustrate and publish them. With customizable illustrations, their team of illustrators will help you bring a story to life. The team will help you develop the preliminary character sketches, storyboard development, and color illustrations. The author is allowed to own 100% of these illustrations. Review the package below:

Children Book Package-MindStir Media

Print-On-Demand Services

When a reader orders the author’s physical copy of the book, MindStir takes care of printing demands. This means that upfront charges won’t cost much since the author won’t be paying for inventory. This benefits upcoming authors who are not well-established or have no following. It is, however, a good idea to have some already published books once you thrive as an author and your books are highly demanded.

When you decide to partner with MindStir Media as your self-publishing partner, you are allowed to customize your book to a certain extent. As an author, you can customize your book’s interior paper color and weight – 50/70 lb, cream or white. You can also make your cover matte or glossy. The author can also choose from many different book sizes that range from

4 x 6″, 4 x 7″, 5 x 8″, and 6 x 9″

Many of their books are shipped within a day or two once an author opts for the print-on-demand option, even though there will be some slight delay. The wait time can be reduced using expedited shipping.

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The Shark Tank Connection

MindStir Media self-publishing service works with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. As part of their top-tier package, they work together to endorse other authors.

Harrington, one of the original sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank, works with Mindstir Media to endorse authors as part of their top-tier package.

Even though this package is not cheap, it comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Catapulting your book to the top by connecting it to a celebrity
  • Such an endorsement makes your book unique and popular
  • The reader’s attention is caught and will stop to pick your book instead of skimming onto the next book

Kevin Harrington and MindStir Media’s partnership connects your book to Kevin and includes a foreword or introduction. It also comes with an endorsement video by Kevin.

Kevin and MindStir Media’s partnership shows that this book marketing service is indeed authentic, valuable, and reliable.

Hardcover Service

MindStir Media takes care of everything for authors who want to print their books in hard copy. As an author, all you need to do is choose a format, and the self-publishing company will deliver your book in that exact format:

  • Softcover
  • Hardcover
  • Ebook

The company makes it easier for you to print your Children’s books in hardback, print paperback books, or both, full-color if your customers prefer it. As an author, you need to understand that the package you choose will come at different prices; therefore, it’s good to consider your budget before picking a package. You can review all the packages here.

Hardcover Packages-MindStir Media

Online Book Store

eBook Store-MindStir Media

MindStir Media also has an online bookstore.

Authors that have partnered with this book marketing service are exposed to potential readers by listing their books to this online bookstore. Even those who are in the lowest tier package can benefit from this feature. If you have just finished writing your book, you can also visit their bookstore if you want to seek their self-publishing services.

Determining whether the finished product will work for you requires close attention to details like the different types of cover design and book subjects. Before deciding the price, you want to set for your book, find out the price at which other authors are selling their books.

Social Media Book Marketing

MindStir Media also leverages social media self-publishing marketing services to help authors sell their books through its book marketing services. You can ask for this marketing option as a standalone service for $1500, or you can get it with higher tiers like Platinum, Emerald, and Editor+ self-publishing packages.

When you opt for this book marketing service, a publicist will create social accounts on your behalf to market your newly published books. The publicist will also manage your campaigns for two months. Some of the benefits that you will get from the social media marketing service include:

  • Daily updates on social media
  • Sharing book quotes, reviews, and purchase links
  • The company covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest

Once your book is published, it is always good to present it before your target readers and create a social media buzz.

They may not buy the book immediately when they see it, but a few of them may be compelled somewhere down the line when looking for a new book to read.


Self-Publishing a book can be expensive sometimes, especially if you are new to the book-writing industry. For this reason, MindStir Media makes it easier for those who can’t afford to pay for their self-publishing services in cash to access their services through financing. The company has partnered with Enable Financing who provides funding for their packages. Once Enable Financing offers you a loan as an author, you are given 24 to 60 months to service it. However, before applying for this loan, you need to consult your financial advisor since their starting rate is 7.99%. Considering the current interest rates, this one is somehow steep. The loan option is much available, but if you can’t pay cash, think about it carefully before considering it.

Apply for Financing

Steps Involved in the Self-Publishing Process

Author mentorship by the founder of MindStir Media, J.J Hebert, is included in all the packages. Being a bestseller and an award-winning author, he is convinced that self-publishing a book is lucrative and quite simple.

The self-publishing process at MindStir consists of eleven steps that will help you move from no book to a fully published and promoted book. Here are the 11 steps that your book has to go through in the self-publishing process:

1. Introduction

The first step involves reviewing, picking a package, and getting assigned to the Project Manager.

2. Cover Design

Your Project Manager will connect you with a book designer/ illustrator. If your package includes editing, he will also link you with your editor. All you need to do is tell them your book’s vision, and they will do their best to make it a reality.

3. Editing

Besides streamlining your content to appeal to your potential readers, an editor also ensures that your book is professionally crafted. He carefully checks for spelling errors and typos in your book.

4. Illustration

The illustration process has three steps that ensure your book has the desired images that you fully own.

5. Layout Design

Your book designer customizes the interior looks of your book. You will work together to ensure that your book has the right feel and look. The outline and the chapters also have to look exactly how you envisioned your book with your book designer’s help. An ISBN included.

6. Wrap-Around Cover

After editing and getting the right illustrations of your book, the next step is styling its outer shell. Here, you will create your author bio and photo and also set pricing for your book.

7. Printed Proof

You will get to see the first copy of your new book!

8. Distribution

Your book will then be distributed to over 30,000 retailers, wholesalers, and booksellers in 100+ countries. This also includes product listings on,, and This will happen immediately after you’ve provided them with your final approval. Talk about worldwide availability!

9. Marketing

This is where mentoring by J.J Hebert applies. Together with your Project Manager, you will devise the best strategy to get your book seen and bought by your potential readers.

10. Order Fulfillment

Your books here get printed on-demand and mailed to your customers by the company. All this is done for you, and you don’t need to send out copies.

11. Royalties

This is the juiciest part where you get to see the fruits of your labor. Every quarter, you will receive a royalty statement and check from your sales.

How Long Does it Take for MindStir Media to Self-Publish a Book?

Adding all the times on your brochure, you will see that the entire self-publishing process will take about 3 months to end and for you to see the final product – your book. For a complete turnaround, this is pretty fast. You can fly through the entire process if you already have your idea, content, and general vision of a book. If you haven’t developed your idea yet and need some guidance on where to start, it will take longer. It is advisable to start sooner rather than later. Unless you go ahead and begin a project, you will never know just how long it will take. You never know! You could be an established author a year from now. Awesome! Right?

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MindStir Media Pricing

Based on your needs, MindStir Media provides you 7-tier packages. To get your book designed, published, barcoded, and distributed, you will have to part with $1,899. A higher tier package will get you more awareness/distribution access. Review Paperback/eBook packages below:

eBook Packages-MindStir Media

The highest tier available at MindStir Media gets you an endorsement from Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and it costs $24,999.

How Authors Get Support from MindStir Media

J.J. Hebert founded MindStir Media to help authors navigate the murky waters of the self-publishing industry. He and his team of authors offer a wide range of self-publishing packages. The lowest tier package costs just $1899, and it is crafted to simplify things by getting rid of the hassle of self-publishing. Forfeiting of a percentage of book royalties is required in the lower-tier packages. However, compared to what house-level publishers offer, the percentage is very low. The author will receive a 50% royalty on all digital and physical sales of the book, going by the price points mentioned above.

All the technical aspects of publishing a book are taken care of by MindStir, including:

  • Barcode
  • Book interior design
  • Original cover design
  • ISBN assignment
  • Copyright notices

The self-publishing company distributes the book for sale on Noble, Amazon, Ingram, Barnes, and more. They will also take care of book printing and fulfillment of physical orders.

J. J. Hebert, the founder, and owner of MindStir Media, personally coaches and mentors authors to continue with the self-publishing process.

J. J. is also a bestseller author and has undergone publishing his books and became successful. A significant number of authors have received his support when self-publishing their books. Experience is the best teacher and can’t be substituted. Although publishing a book for the first time may be challenging, receiving guidance from someone who has it several times before makes the process smoother.

Check Out the Quick Video Review MindStir Media Self-Publishing & Book Marketing Service

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Authors who have finished putting their ideas into writing and are looking for a self-publishing solution will end their search once they partner with MindStir Media. Once you’ve written down the set goals for your book, you can count on the experience of J. J. Hebert and the team can help you achieve them sooner and with less hassle. It is quite relieving and convenient when you find a single company offering an entire book publishing suite of services.

Over 40 different books by various authors have received prestigious literary awards thanks to MindStir Media’s support. Mom’s Choice Awards and Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards are some of these awards. MindStir offers self-publishing solutions to help authors publish their books stress-free and reach out to their target audiences.

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