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PayDrill: Best App for PayPal Users

With the current e-commerce rates, it is paramount to have a way to send and receive money in a safe and secure way. PayPal has earned its place as one of the biggest online financial transaction platforms in the world. However, as much as it as useful tool for payment, it can be quite limiting, to say the least, when it comes to the information it provides in relation to your account details.


This condition calls for a smart tool that gives all the information you need to expand and PayDrill comes in as one of the best toots for this job.

I must admit that after coming across several software that claimed to have all the answers for my PayPal woes yet they couldn’t deliver. Luckily, I still choose to try it and I have never looked back. PayPal does the transactions flawlessly but PayDrill makes it better. Since it is a third party software, I was concerned, rightly so, about how secure my account was and was relieved to learn that apart from all the data being exclusively on my computer. This safety buffer is due to the inclusion of secure protocols such as SSL and HTTP coupled with some top notch data encryption. Let me give you a break down of PayDrill.

What is PayDrill?

PayDrill is a desktop app that allows you to access your PayPal account without much effort. I found out that I could access information such as:

  • Who are my most loyal customers in terms of sales?
  • What product rakes in more money?
  • Which affiliate work best for my interest?

All these were just the tip of the iceberg. PayDrill came with great features that made my work easier as well as productive. Some of these features include, but are not limited to:

  • Downloading reports on demand depending on what you need and from where
  • A filter system that allows you to zero on specifics such as dates, certain sales and so onpaydrill features
  • It allows you to compare different products performance
  • PayDrill uses PayPal’sAPI to secure you account. This means that your account details are safe from prying eyes.
  • There is also an option of connecting more than one PayPal account if you are willing to part with more cash for a pro package which we’ll discuss later on.

Here are some of the advantages and pros you will enjoy by using this app.

  • This app is very easy to install and use. It usually takes a minute or two to have it up and running and the details asked for can be accessed faster than if you were to use the PayPal interface alone

  • Another pro at least in my experience is the fact that my PayDrill pays. You can send payments through the PayDrill app on your desktop. There is no need to visit your PayPal account for that
  • When it comes to access and processing, PayDrill is faster than PayPal’s interface, 10 times faster
  • They say information is power and with all the detailed metrics and information, sales, product performance, transaction and report can build an efficient website.
    paydrill features
  • Let me not forget the security. With the military-grade encryption and use of API coupled with the secure protocols I can sleep easy.

Do watch the below video to understand the complete steps for getting your PayPal API:

However, I am sure there is a part of you that asks if there is such a thing as a perfect app. In reality, none comes closer to PayDrill. One of the flaws that get to me sometimes is the fact that it takes long for it to show the reports you request. In addition, the price can be on the higher side especially for those who are still starting out. Fortunately, that is the only major flaw of the app. PayDrill has proven to be just what any individual with an online business using PayPal needs.

The features of PayDrill make it seem too good to be true.


When I first started out, I used the lowest priced package of $97 but it now has a 70% discount and goes for $37 though for a limited time. Due to the same offer, I have switched to lifetime membership at $67, which to me is a deal of a lifetime since it previously cost $220 more.


Do watch the below video to review all the features of this application

Source: Ankur Shukla


With a price of $37, it’s a complete value for the money. If you use PayPal, then you would understand the frustrations you would have to go through to get all the metrics that are beneficial to your site. With PayDrill, I can monitor my account at the comfort of my desktop. I especially value the fact that my PayDrill pays. Whether I simply want to buy goods or to analyze the performance of my website, I am sorted. So, make a date with PayDrill before time runs out to avoid paying more.

Do try PayDrill & let me know how this application made your business better. Also, if you are already using an alternative desktop application for Paypal, share that with me in the comments section below.

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