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50 Ways to ruin your Blog’s Financial Potential

50 ways to ruin your blog’s financial potential shows you some of the most deadly blunders that can sterilize your blog’s ability to generate revenue. Read on to learn more.

Despite the availability of many opportunities on the Net, most bloggers are not making enough or any money from their blogs.

May be you are one of them, and you’re wondering the reason your blog isn’t making money, you don’t need to give up hope because you can make amendments. This post will share with you some of the blunders that most bloggers make and how you can avoid them in the future.

01. Failure to balance between content and adverts—too many adverts with little or zero content Offering your blog for free advertising.

02. Poor quality content that can’t sell

03. Hiring poor or ill-equipped marketers

04. Over emphasis on social marketing

05. Competing without a solid and brand

06. Lack of a desire to make an impression when reaching out to customers

07. Crafting your blog around a category that is unpopular, leading to fewer visitors and adverts

08. Failure to keep your blog updated and relying on the “freshness” of gone days Failure to come up with original and quality content

09. Failing to build a strong network of relationships

10.Sharing content that is not shareable. No one else is willing or sees the need to “pass the baton” to

11. he next person

12. Offering content that adds no value to people but rather complicates matters for them You lack the capacity and genius to do authoritative blogging within your chosen category

13.Writing to mesmerize instead of helping people. You write to show them how much you know rather than what they need to know to improve their lives

14. Your positioning in search engines is wrong. People can’t find your blog in the right category You lack consistency in the way you do your blog posting

15. Your content is not unique and forceful enough to make reader want to read on up to the last line You forget the basic rules of grammar in your content and package it with too much informal stuff

16. Your grammar is just off. People can hardly make sense of what you are trying to say You are leaving blanks and dots in your writing, and hence your readers feel there is something

17. you’re hiding

18. You use poor content structure You use vulgar in your content

19.> Excess excitement over visitors rather than converts Addressing your audience as if they are your errand boys

20. Too much bouncing rates Aimless trolling

21. Unforceful adverts Failure to convert your readers into indirect marketers

22. Your blog is annoyingly slow

23. Readers strain and cry trying to read your blog

24. Excess animations Readers strain and cry trying to read your blog

25. Poor blog design and architecture

26. No or wrong keywords

27. No or poor content strategy

28. Peddling text links

29. Your blog is not mobile-friendly

30. Excessive SEO

31. You’re a spamming expert

32. Poor SEO ranking


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Final Thoughts

Blogging is a valid and vibrant way of generating income. But succeeding in this venture needs tact and hard work. You need to understand the pitfalls that can blow off your good intentions and passion. This post has shared all that with you so that if your blog was financially barren, you can identify and fix any reason your blog isn’t making money.

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