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Keyword research is becoming complicated since popular keywords in a given niche keep on changing and trends are not making it better. That is why you need a keyword finder Google tool,that is versatile and can single handedly get your important SEO data that you can use it to your advantage to make a difference to your website analysis. SEMrush is the spy oops… I mean the tool you need and that is why you need to read this SEMrush review to the end if you want to make an impact in the SEO world. The SEO audit tool is the most versatile SEO and PPC tool on the market and there’s nothing you can’t do with it. It offers free SEO analysis and saves you time by showing you the perfect opportunities to get marketing results that matter. There’s no second guessing here and the metrics are reliable and is bound to make you money in the long run. The tool is like a mole in your competitor’s marketing department who gives you all the data, results and information. SEMrush keyword analysis is tool gives you access to the most comprehensive keyword research free SEO tools available. It also gives you access to all the marketing moves that your competitor is making giving you an opportunity to develop a strategy to counter it. If you want to improve your Search traffic, then this is a tool that you need to have in your life.

Overview of SEMrush

Like I mentioned, SEMrushfree tool is just what you need to cover all aspects that are involved in keyword research to achieve the best search engine ranking results. This is because it focuses on:
Your Site – How to use SEMRush to look inward, make important tweaks to your own site and access tools that can
boost your rankings in hours.
Your Competitors – How to identify your real search competitors, unlock keywords and access data to find their Achilles heel.
Keywords – SEO analysis tool is one of (if not the) best Keyword Research tool on the market. Here’s how to unlock keywords that will make a real difference to your business.
Organic Rankings – See accurate rankings for even the most remote areas of your competitor’s sites.
Link Building – Learn how to hack your competitors linking strategies & get more link juice flowing your way.
Advertising – Save time, money and effort by breaking into your competitors’ Ad campaigns and find out exactly what’s working for your money and the perfect times to strike.

All-in-one Marketing Toolkit

Social Media – This See the social media stats from your own pages & your competitors
Other Useful Tools – See what else this SEO site checker can offer you & get access to a brand new, not yet released tool.
Reporting Tools: Measure – and display – your progress in seconds.

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How to Use SEMRush to Optimize Your Site

Before focusing on your competitors, you first have to improve your own site. This gives you a clean, strong and ready to build on a platform to attack your competitors from. Every angle of improving your SEO is crucial for cultivating positive results. And, with some of the new tools from SEMRush – like the SEO Ideas Tool and Backlink Auditor – you can make major changes with less effort from your side since everything is almost done for you. Let’s have a peek at how to improve your in-house.

  1. Audit Your Website With The Audit Tool
    To get started, perform SEO audit on your site to find out what is working and what is not working regarding your keywords. The website audit goes above and beyond your usual free competition analysis tools and gives you an incredibly clear picture of your site.
  2. Collect Data
    This collecting samples to find out how your site is performing and what you’re going to need to focus on. To do this, simply type your site name into the search bar and select the Domain Overview option from the drop-down. It will give you various results which are easy to track in movement.
  3. SEO Ideas Tool
    Still, on your site, the website SEO analysis Ideas tool is a potent weapon in your arsenal. SEMrush has the best SEO reporting tools. According to the official word from the SEMRush team, this is one of the most undervalued tools by users. Each page of your site is analyzed and you’re given instantly actionable SEO advice. By clicking on the Ideas button it will show you keywords suggestions for possible page improvements and backlink opportunities from specific sites. For an in-depth analysis of the data, you can click on Get Data behind it button..
  4. Backlink Audit Tool
    It is important to know that your backlink profile is your responsibility, and Google has made it perfectly clear. If you’re not taking care of it, eventually, you’re going to suffer. Cleaning your backlink profile has a lengthy process taking days, weeks or even months to find and get rid of a link that’s holding you back. This Backlink Audit tool has put all of that to bed. In fact, this may be the easiest tool to keep your backlink profile clean ever made.
  5. Brand Monitoring Tool
    Building a brand and monitoring it is vital in the new age of digital marketing. And this tool allows you to track, measure and adjust how your brand is viewed across the internet. You can use it to show: Mentions: Where your brand – whether that’s your own name or your business name – is being mentioned around the internet. Backlinks: Where your backlinks are coming from, and opportunities for you to act on them, such as editing anchor text or networking with that site owner.
  6. Identify Your Top Organic Search Competitors
    The website SEO checker makes identifying your Organic Search Competitors very easy. First, follow these four steps: Domain Analysis > Show Entire Menu > Organic Search > Competitors That’ll take you to this screen where you can enter your domain name. Drop it in the search bar and hit submit.

You will get a complete breakdown of:
Who your organic search competition is The level of competition Your keywords in-common The competitions traffic Visual representations of how you stack up

Checkout quick video review on SEMrush

Source: SEO Tool Hunter

Final Thoughts

Keywords research allows you to build your brand and is a great way to find out what your competitors are up to. SEMrush is the best SEO audit tool to help you know how your site is doing and what you can do to improve and build traffic. SEMrush is the best-suited tool to carry out this function. SEMrush pricing is fair and anyone can afford it. What makes it even better is the availability of the right tools to track and monitor both your site and your competitor’s and gives you suggestions to improve your visibility. Read other SEMrush reviews and understand how SEMrush alternatives are different from this plugin.

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