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Sendy Review: Best App for Small Email Marketers

Sendy Review Best App for Small Email Marketers

As a marketer, the idea of starting a new email newsletter is fulfilling and exciting. However, the excitement is overwhelmed by the price of popular email newsletter apps. It may look cheap when starting out, but later, the price escalates as the number of subscribers reaches thousands. But when you bring Sendy email marketing solutions into the picture, you can enjoy many amazing features.

Features of Sendy

1. Sending email and newsletters to a large number of subscribers via Amazon SES.
2. As a marketer, you can manage multiple brands and products using a single account that can be accessed easily by your subscribers.
3. Sendy enables you to stay in touch with your clients automatically due to a built-in drip autoresponders.
4. Rates of emails are easily accessible on an open, click and bounce owing to detailed statistics.
5. With custom fields to gather any data you want, you can manage and import subscribers easily.
Sendy email marketing solution is pocket-friendly with a great offer of $ 59 one-time installation on your own server.
You can send 1,000 messages for as low as $ 0.10 via Amazon SES. Opting to send your email manually will not be effective enough if you want good results. Gmail on other hand allows only 500 emails on a given day. Your inbuilt mail tools will reject messages as spam. The best email marketing solution comes from Sendy email marketing software. Using Sendy app gives you an upper hand since you can save on your own app development costs. The risk of messages being marked as spam will be no more.

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Setting it up

You will need a few more steps when setting up Sendy compared to setting up your average email newsletter.

First, you will need to edit a config PHP file, and then upload Sendy to your SES account. Finally, to ensure that you can send over 200 emails a day, make sure you request Amazon to increase your SES sending limit.

Now you can start building your email list. Sendy email marketing solutions enable you to add multiple brands, done according to sites and products offered.
In each brand, you can add subscribers using the custom fields to find out vital information about your clients.
This app also allows you to import subscribers in bulk from a spreadsheet in case you find the need to do so. You can also use a built-in HTML signup form to add subscribers from your favorite app.

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As a marketing tool, Sendy does not include an email template designer, therefore you will need to hand code your own email template according to your taste and preference. You will be able to keep track of your email since the Sendy app can track record and find out how many clicks, the status of the sent email. Emails marked as spam can also be detected. A detailed subscriber’s location, click rates and the number of times each link was clicked.


• Highly affordable
• Easy to use
• You can manage several products using a single account


• It does not come with an email template designer.

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Our Verdict

Sendy is a great tool for boosting your email marketing campaigns. If you are an upcoming email marketer, you have a suitable tool to get you started. You can optimize its many wonderful features and benefits to get the best out of your campaigns.

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