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Social Warfare Plugin: The Ultimate Social Media Sharing Plugin

Social Warfare Plugin The Ultimate Social Media Sharing Plugin

Many social media sharing plugins in the market usually slow down your site, not to mention their unattractive looks. In addition, many don’t work as they ought to. That is when you ask yourself whether the social media-sharing button is necessary for your website. Well, the hustle ends now all thanks to Social Warfare plugin for . Actually, social media-sharing button can really boost your website traffic and at the same time work as a social proof. Though I have tried out both the free and the paid ones, I’ll admit that nothing comes close to this magnificent social media plugin and the community will definitely back me up on this. This post will focus on the unique features that the Social Warfare plugin offers. Just remain put as we explore this plugin together.

Even though the landing page may look like any other social media plugin button for , don’t be fooled because it is not an ordinary social media plugin for . Its fantastic features will back this statement. By the time we will be through, the Social Warfare will be your chosen plugin.

1. Share Count Recovery

Did you know that you are bound to lose the social media share count anytime you change your URL? Not only that, any website that moves from HTTP to HTTPS suffers the same fate. This factor is highly ignored by many switching their blogs to HTTPS protocol. Unfortunately, this is a big loss since this will affect not only your share count but also the trust that comes with it. With Social media Plugin for , you are guaranteed that when switching your permalink, your share count is kept intact. This also applies when moving from HTTP to HTTPS protocol. All you have to do is enable this feature on the Advanced Settings tab.

2. Content Security

Many Social Warfare users usually ignore content protection. What they fail to realize is that many services in the online market can hijack other users’ content and end up losing traffic on your website. At this point, this feature in the Social share plugin comes in handy. To protect your content, you start by enabling the feature called Frame Buster. By doing this, your content will henceforth be safe since such links will automatically be directed to your actual link. Apart from helping you to get accurate metrics, this feature also improves your bounce rate.

Increase Social Shares & Drive Traffic

3. Tweet Share Count Recovery

Some months back, Twitter did something that really pissed me off. They stopped showing a share count for its button. Social Warfare plugin gives you an opportunity to show a Twitter share count for the Twitter share button.

4. Floating Share Button

One grave mistake that newbies make when displaying social media sharing button is placement. Usually many bloggers have a tendency of placing their social media-sharing button either above or below the content. Even though there is nothing wrong with this, it is better to place it somewhere better with greater chances of being seen and used effectively. For example, a floating share button will give your users an opportunity to access it without necessarily reading the all content.

The Social share plugin gives you an option to either enable or disable this social media share button. You will be mesmerized by the increase of shares when you start using this feature.

Social Warfare – Pro Features

5. Widget for Most Shared Posts

By highlighting your most shared post on the sidebar, you can get more eyeballs, which will lead to more traffic on your website. This helps you to get more shares. Your first-time readers will identify your most popular post from your blog. This social media plugin for gives you a chance to add a widget like” Most popular post” to your blog’s sidebar or footer. You do this in the widget-ready area.

The various options that are within this highly configurable feature make the plugin incredible. With Social Warfare, you can customize the widget looks with:

• Post thumbnail image
• Visual themes
• Custom date range
• The text and image size.

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6. Social Proof

The share plugin will show the share count. This is the number of content has been shared. It will display tweet count if you are using the Social Warfare Pro. It’s been proven that share proof has a powerful psychological effect to even share more. The software gives you the most accurate share count because it uses the social network API endpoint to display.



7. Customization of Share Display

The Social Warfare Pro gives you an opportunity to customize how your content appears when shared. You design exactly what image description and title appear on the shared content.

You can choose from well-known social network sharing buttons like:

• Google+
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Stumbleupon
• Facebook
• Pinterest


• A free version is available from plugin repository
• Easy to install
• Extensive knowledge in terms of data base management and great customer support on the paid version
• A number of placement and display options to choose from
• Over 5,000 customization options
• Great speed performance, meaning it does not slow down your website


• For updates, you will have to renew your subscription every year
• Sometimes, conflicts with other plugins may arise leading to malfunction of features. Social Warfare team is however quick to respond and fix the problem.

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Source: Social Media Examiner

Final remarks

Compared to other sharing plugins, Social Warfare Pro has outdone itself. No other social sharing tool can provide great features such as social optimization tools, twitter share count, click to tweet features, and twitter cards. I give this plugin thumbs up to its developers. It has been my choice, and have used it for years hence, am sure it will be yours too. Get it to maximize your website or blog experience.

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