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Some Indirect Methods to Improve Rankings in Search Engines

Some Indirect Methods to Improve Rankings in Search Engines BANNER DESIGN 1

Earlier link building was the only method to rank higher in search engines results.But with the changing times there is change in the way of doing SEO.

Web developers have to be very cautious while changing SEO ranking factors. Below we list some indirect ways to improve site ranking on search engines:



There is direct association between customer’s feedback and SEO. User feedback is a time consuming process but it proves useful if applied in an appropriate way. The customer feedback follows two things:

Contact After Sale

Customer satisfaction is on priority for all businesses. To implement this, communication with customers is very crucial. The best time to communicate with your customers is after the sale of your product or service. Customers definitely want assurance regarding efficiency and quality of your product after they buy from you. You can email customers about confirmation of quality of products so they can feel free to contact for any help in future.

Contact after the use of product services.

Getting actual experience of users is the best thing of customer feedback. Customers will share their experience after use of your product or service. This result in more customer satisfaction and also improves your service quality. You may ask customers to share their experience and review on quality review sites. If you have good customer feedback, then your profile will be higher on review sites.

Engage with others:

As a sole owner you cannot manage everything alone. So, to get high content quality you can hire freelance writer. Good freelancers offer you quality contents that are main factor to get good ranking on the search engine. You should give some sort of encouragement and motivation to freelancer so that they can compose valuable content and this will finally give you benefit of higher rank on search engine. Innovative and proficient freelancer can help you in several ways like:

By writing relevant, engaging and useful content that will influence ranking in search engine.

By providing unique content regularly that can be updated frequently, as it is most recommended method to captivate more traffic to your site. Other sites will also link to you if your website provides useful, dynamic and quality content.

By providing engaging content for people. The best way to attract people is by offering advanced, consistent and compelling content. The more people attract towards your site, the more traffic you will gain.

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User experience is another important factor to consider. Generally more focus is given on writing engaging and valuable content for our sites and we ignore the crucial aspects that help in attracting users. User experience includes many elements that should be incorporated. Some tips are:

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branding-trust-factor Branding and trust factor

Normally, people like to link with a brand that has made a good name for itself. Enhancing trust is next step after building a brand. To attain this, you should create important pages to help users in associating with your website. You can share social media pages and contact details etc. if your visitors find your site dynamic, unique and useful they will surely visit it again. So, trust and brand are the important factors that indirectly affect your search engine ranking.

loading-time Loading time and speed

This is another important factor of a well managed website. If your site is facing loading issues like internal server error, slow loading of pages then you will probably lose visitors. Slow page loading is one of the major reasons to turn off for many users. So it is crucial to improve loading time of your website as it is proven as a bad user experience.

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fixing-broken Fixing of broken links &
404 pages

You should frequently check broken links and 404 status pages on your site. As these affects user experience and search engines badly. After diagnosing you should try to fix these problems with redirection plugin and link checker.

Mobile friendly Mobile friendly

Your site should be mobile friendly so that the contents of your site can adjust on smart phones screens. Having responsive theme is a good method as these themes maintain the value of your brand. You can also utilize plugins if you don’t want to buy responsive theme for your site

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eliminate Eliminate clutter

You should keep your site simple and clear so that user cannot get distracted from main content. Distractions are mainly excessive ads and subscription pop-ups.


Website architecture

You should manage your website in analytical order so that user can easily find the pages. Your site will get more traffic if you arrange your contents well.


Meta tags

It is observed that adding Meta descriptions on site pages gives higher site ranking Meta description defines the content on your site precisely so that users can know better about your post. The two important meta tags are description tag and title tag. These Meta tags can increase the click through rates and thus it is beneficial for SEO in an indirect way.

alt-tags ALT tags

The alt tag allows search engines to find your page or website. So all visual media should be explained using alt tags. It is important for text only browser users.


meta-tags Relevant links

You should focus on relevant links. Links should be given displaying actual site name or relevant names instead of using “click here”. It will improve the ranking of your page and linking page as well.

The above mentioned ways are treated as crucial indirect ranking factors. Many businesses and web owners don’t consider following indirect factors but it is very important to consider these factors to improve your rankings in search engines


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