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Google Assistant has useful productivity tools for professionals in any field. These tools help you to organize yourself in all your day to day activities. With a hectic schedule, it is easy to forget important events like board meetings, anniversaries, doctor’s appointment, your daughter’s school dance and others. That is where this important Google tool comes in. This post will show you just how important Google Assistant is, and how to use its tools. Read along for more information.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence program that helps you manage any sort of task. But I’ll admit it that it can be tough to know what to ask this omniscient robot. Don’t worry; this article will assist you with how the tool works. Before we continue, I think it is important to mention that Google Assistant is available on Android phones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher. Google Assistant iPhone on iOS devices is available on a downloadable app, on certain Chromebooks and home speaker products. If you are using an Android and other Google devices, you can summon the AI using a voice command or pressing and holding the Home key.

That is not all; you can also download an app which gives you a home screen shortcut to simplify the process. I will give you all the functions that work well with any Android phone. Unfortunately, some of them may not be available on iPads, iPhone, or other types of Assistant-enabled devices. There is also Google Assistant for PC. And with no further ado, let’s get down to business and find out what is all the fuss about Google Assistant.

Notes and Reminders

Using Google Assistant is not that hard when trying to quickly jot something down. Just turn on Google Assistant by telling it something. All you have to say is “note to self” followed anything you want to remember. Using the command for the first time, your device will allow you to choose which compatible app you want to be associated with it. You can decide to use any Android note-taking apps
including: including Google Keep, Evernote, and Microsoft OneNote, that are supported by this AI. What’s great about it is that it also allows you to send the note as an email to your own address via Gmail.

If you are more inclined to spreadsheets, you can add a note or any data to an existing Google Sheet, by simply telling Assistant to “take a note”. An account at the free IFTTT service is all you need to make this happen. Activate and configure Google’s official note-to-spreadsheet applet and speak up, once you’re signed up.

Another awesome feature of Google home control is that it can act as your secretary. You can use it to manage daily projects, to-do tasks, and any work-oriented tasks. What makes it better is that at the end of the day you can send the list as a single email, multiple people, or post it into apps like, Trello or Slack, if you choose to.

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Perhaps one of the most useful tools in Google Assistant is the ability to manage context-sensitive reminders. It allows you to set a reminder for a specific time and day. For instance, you can set it to “Remind me Mike from school on Monday at noon”. That’s not all; you can also create a reminder to notify you when you arrive at a particular location – “Remind me to order more drinks when I reach the store”.

Additionally, Google Assistant helps you remember random facts. This is done by telling it what you need to know. For example “Remember that my laptop password is ‘[email protected]’”. To remember the info, just say, “What did I tell you about …” and mentioning a particular subject and the system will provide answers. The Google Assistant can remember just about anything and relay back to you when you need the info. The Apple fanatics are not left out; for Assistant users who prefer handling management task using Apple’s Reminders app, you can connect both tools using Google’s official IFTTT applet for integration.


To create new calendar events using Google Assistant, tell it “add to my calendar” followed by the events name, date, and time. You can also set your day’s agenda by asking Assistant variations on these questions:
“When’s my next meeting?”
“What does my day look like on Monday?”
“What’s on my calendar for next Friday?”
“What’s my first event tomorrow?”
“Show me my appointments for Thursday morning?”
“What/when/where is my next event?”
“When’s my next haircut appointment?”
Again Apple users are not left out, Assistant can be linked to your iPhone’s calendar by setting up Google’s IFTTT applet to integrate with Google Home and then using the command “Add to my iOS calendar” followed by the event’s title, date, and time.

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Messaging in Google Assistant

You can also make a call while using the Assistant as your operator. For business calls, tell it to call any publicly listed business or if you want to call any person in your contacts, just mention their names and Assistant will handle the rest. If you on the road, just add “on speakerphone” on the request. For text messages tell Google Assistant “text” followed by your contact’s name and your message. Pausing for more
than a second will allow the system to confirm everything and ask whether it should send the text message. If your eyes are busy somewhere else, the system can read the message out loud to confirm.

The tool also makes it easy to find emails on Gmail. Just ask it to find an email from a particular contact or subject and it will pop up the needed results right within its interface. You can also use other email services apart from Gmail by searching Google’s Assistant website for a third-party add-on. Use the following format: “Send an email to [contact name], subject [your subject], message [your message],” to send emails in Gmail via Assistant.

Final remarks

The list of what this incredible tool Google can do is endless. The artificial intelligence it possesses makes it a tool for the future. You can get an Assistant download on Google’s official website page. Everyone should embrace it not only the corporate world as it simplifies project management while allowing the user to focus more on productivity than keeping schedules. Another great thing about Google Assistant is that you don’t need to have any tech knowledge to handle it; any person can get the hang of it after some time.

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