The Simplest Way to Sell Digital Services on Your WordPress Site

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Are you looking to sell digital services on your WordPress website? Selling digital services online can be one of the best ways to create a steady profit for your online business. WordPress offers to giant plugins WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads that allow you to create an online store. While WooCommerce enables you to sell both physical and digital products, EDD will enable you to sell only digital products from your WP website.

Both these plugins do not offer numerous features to sell digital services via your online store. And, even if they do all you can do is list your service and provide an elemental contact form to your customers who are interested in that particular service. This is not very much favorable as it does not offer your customers a personalized buying experience. To overcome this constraint, you can go with a dedicated addon based on the plugin you are using. If you are selling via a WooCommerce store, you can try Woo Sell Services and if you are selling via your EDD store, you can go with EDD Sell Services.

In this article, we’ll show you how to sell digital services on your WordPress site easily using these two dedicated add ons.

What Types Of Services Can You Sell With WordPress?

Here are some popular services that you can sell with the help of WordPress:

  1. Web Designing Services such as web design, graphic design, editing services.
  2. Writing services like content writing, professional writing, legal writing, medical writing, etc.
  3. Voice Over Services for books youtube and sales videos.
  4. Online coaching services, such as Business coaching, online courses, etc.
  5. Social Media Services such as SEO, SMM, copywriting, and others.
  6. Consultation Services.
  7. Technical services such as technical support, printing, developing websites, software, and programming.

Selling Digital Services With Woo Sell Services Addon For WooComerce

The topmost plugin to allow you to sell physical and digital products online, WooCommerce currently powers more than 44% of all WordPress powered online stores. This plugin offers you all the features to properly showcase all your products, manage your orders and receive payments online. This plugin is free and enables you to sell only physical and digital products online. However, if you want to extend its functionality to selling services online, Woo Sell Services add on for WooCommerce can be an ideal choice for you. This addon allows you to sell services with WooCommerce just like you sell a product along with many more advanced features.

Woo Sell Services once installed and activated on your site, will add a product type called “Services” Section in the Add Product Page. Once selected, this type will allow a vendor to add his service estimated days and the requirement questions he needs to ask his customer to start performing the service which he cannot do if he adds a contact form to sell his services.

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Other exciting features that this plugin offers include:

  1. This add on allows the customer to ask any service related question from the vendor via a dedicated vendor-customer chat section.
  2.  Woo Sell Services also keeps a vendor and customer updated about the current status of their orders via emails and live notifications.
  3. Moreover, with this add on, both service sellers and customers can manage each of their services separately in a tabular format. It offers a Manage Service page for both the parties independently.
  4. Woo Sell Services also allow both vendor and customer to add ratings and review each other regarding the service performed. This add on works like Upwork where both the parties can write a review for each other.
  5. This add on provides a customer feature to approve the final delivery only after he is satisfied with the service. It offers a Final Delivery Checkbox for which, once checked by both the parties, will complete the order.
  6. To help buyers and vendors see the status of their orders, this add-on provides them with a dedicated widget to display each order status.

Sell Digital Services with EDD Sell Services Add-on For Easy Digital Downloads


If you are only selling digital items such as pdf files, plugins, ebooks, etc. from your online store with the help of Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can also sell digital services from your EDD store with the help of EDD Sell Services plugin. EDD Sell Services is a dedicated adds on for Easy Digital Downloads plugin and offers a feature to sell services like a digital product from your EDD store.

Just like Woo Sell Services, this add-on also creates a new product type called Service in your Add Downloads Page. A vendor offering services from his site can simply check-mark this box and describe his service just like a product. Once check-marked, this tab allows a vendor to add estimated delivery days of his service. It also offers him a requirement section from where he can add multiple questions that are required for the customer to answer so that a service can be performed effectively.

This add on is similar to Woo Sell Services in functionality but offers dedicated support for Easy Digital Downloads quickly. Let’s walk through the features of this add-on quickly:

  1. Allows vendors and customers to communicate via a dedicated chat section.
  2. It will enable both parties to easily manage each of their services in a tabular format by way of the Manage Service Section.
  3. It offers a dedicated service status widget to display the current status of each service on the site itself.
  4. It sends real-time email notifications to both the parties for each order placed.
  5. It offers both the party’s feature to rate and review each other once the final delivery has been made.
  6. EDD Sell Services provides vendor and customer with a Final Delivery Checkbox for which, once checked by both the parties, will complete the order.

If you further wish to extend your EDD store by adding a multi-vendor feature, you can easily undertake this with the help of EDD Frontend Submissions add-on for EDD. This add-on allows you to create a multi-vendor marketplace for Easy Digital Downloads and is also compatible with the EDD Sell Services add-on.

Selling Services from WordPress Has Never Been Easier

With dedicated add-ons like Woo Sell Services and EDD, Sell Services can become an easy peasy task without having to indulge you in coding. Moreover, both these dedicated plugins are straightforward to use and offer multiple useful features all inside one solution. Adopt this most uncomplicated way to offer services from your WordPress site and take your online business to new heights.

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