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10 Tips for writing foolproof SEO friendly Content

10 Tips for writing foolproof SEO friendly Content BANNER DESIGN

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it is a procedure that assists in better ranking of your content in search engine result pages. So, SEO is very crucial part of writing to bring more traffic from search engines. It is very important for creating high-quality content that can generate sales. There are some tips for writing foolproof SEO friendly content:

Relevance and readability

The main formula of writing good content is the quality of the content. The content should be engaging, relevant and unique. Quality content tends to gain higher ranking in search engines. You gain better visibility in search results if your content is original and new. Search engines always promote relevant content to their readers.


The length of content should be at least 400 characters as lengthier content gives search engines extensive content and keywords to help them understand about the article.


Keywords are essential for achieving a higher rank on search engines. You should use unique keywords that can differentiate your product to rank better. Involve long-tail keywords and expand vocabulary to target different keywords. Long keywords may not get higher search traffic but long keyword phrases are most relevant to searchers and mainly used for detailed information about any topic.

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Strike a Balance

It’s imperative to maintain a proper balance between keywords and readability. Not adding enough keywords could lower the ranking but it is necessary to use inappropriate quantity.


Relevant images should be included in your content. Images, videos and slides are excellent additions in written content and can make it more interesting. Be sure to name the image appropriately and size of the image should be small as loading time affects SEO.

Sharing on Social Media

For providing best results in searches, search engines rely on social media as users check worthiness of your content on it. So, you must share your content on social media so that visitors can share it easily.


While writing you can use internal links to your other articles that benefit in generating more traffic. This assists both the readers and search engines in many ways like:

Assist readers to find what they want
Assists your audience to know about you and your writings
Assists search engines in creating correct sitemap
Assist search engines to slide every page of your content

Proof Reading

Proof reading is essential for all writers. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or misspelled words. In case, searched keywords are misspelled then all content will become ineffective. Also, poor grammar and misspelled words leaves a bad impression on your readers.

Categories and Tags

The content should be properly organized and interconnected as it can help both readers and search engines. Few tips are:

1. Use of keywords for categories and tags
2. Tags should be different from categories to avoid confusion of search engines
3. Do not overuse many categories.

Update regularly

Search engines tend to like contents that are regularly updated and frequently added. You should constantly add new content to get recognition from the search engines, as a reliable source of information.

So, it is important to consider SEO while writing effective and traffic driven content but learning it needs adequate time and practice. The above tips will surely help you in this and if you want to reap maximum SEO benefits, these are the bare minimum requirements you should meet before publishing your content.

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