Online conversations are not complete nowadays without a meme. They are included in many online conversations, especially on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. What surprised me that there is even a meme keyboard! Memes are taking over and are becoming part of our interactive culture so you better get with the trend and start memeing – if there is such a word! Lol. An awesome way to start is by creating your meme. This is done using a meme maker. This article gives 7 online meme-makers that are definitely worth your while and the best thing is that they are freely available.

I am sure that you have seen and admired hundreds if not thousands of them online and wondered how they are made. Meme creation is a fun way to engage and interact with your friends on the net. Why bother creating a meme you ask? It’s not only fun and cool but also helps release pressure and stress that was accumulated during a busy day. Memes also help you make fast and witty remarks as you kill time or relaxing. As you read this post you will find out that creating memes isn’t as hard as people think. And take it simple, there are online meme creation tools available, to help you with the process. Having said here are 7 best meme creation tools.

1. Filmora Free Meme Generator

If you want a meme creator that is completely free and generates memes without watermarks, then this is the best meme generator for you. It doesn’t require signing up or logging in first before using it. With Filmora meme maker, you can import images, use GIFs and videos in one area. It has a drag-and-drop feature to simplify things for you. You can choose the white or black background for captioning. The tool also allows you to change color, text size, and position of your memes. After you are through with editing, you can export your work in a few seconds with a single click. Uploading on social media is free. Texts are placed anywhere within or outside the image, and you can export all kinds of video format including jpg, png, gif, and mp4.

2. Quick Meme

Just as the name suggests, QuickMeme is the proper meme-making tool for those wishing to make memes fast and easy. As an online user, you can generate witty memes in a jiffy. This is the best meme-making tool in the market and you should make use of it. You can search for the newest memes, featured memes, trending memes, random memes, and the most popular memes. All you need to do is pick the one you like and make it your own by editing the text. Images are easily imported and you can add text on it.

3. MemeGenerator

This free meme tool is what you need to create funny captions and images. The meme creator allows users to pick from other popular images that were posted by other people to create your meme. MemeGenerator makes it fun and interesting to create your meme with one of the images. All you need to do is click on the images, or if you want to create your meme, select “create”. Using this tool you will benefit from various customizable options including custom images and characters. You can add text to trending images and share memes online through social media.

4. Imgur

This meme platform is popularly known for hosting images online. It is an online platform that hosts numerous images. Users can host images online to share them with close friends and loved ones on social media. Imgur also has a meme maker tool used on the site. To use it just select one of the default images displayed on the site or you can decide to use your images and add text to make it unique. Whether you want to put your text on top or bottom of the image, Imgur does it perfectly and hassle-free. Some of its best features include creating your meme with your image or pre-made ones which takes less than a minute. It also offers image hosting services.


Just like other meme websites, is easy to use when creating memes. And since it is an online tool, you can generate various images and turn them into trending memes. You can also share your memes on social media if you want it to trend. You can browse for popular image memes and make them your own by changing the text to something unique and fresh. Memes are all about fun and creativity and if you are blessed with it, so make good use of it. You can create a free account and start making awesome memes. A free account also allows you to store all your memes in one place.

6. Canva

Of all the above meme creators, Canva has gone a level up by providing professionally made templates to use in your memes. You will be spoilt with over 1 million stock photos. This offers a much larger selection of images than the other ones. However, the website also allows you to upload your images if you want to create your memes from scratch. Other features include the option to add filters to images and change font and text color.

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This awesome meme creator incorporates an iPhone app and together they make great meme creation tools. You can find and create your memes easily. Just like the Meme Generator, DIYLOL has great humorous memes to keep your audience entertained and excited. You can also get awesome ideas to create rib-cracking memes. Although we are surrounded by cultural fads who always make us laugh, but to get the best of humor we need internet memes. Verbally, memes won’t be as funny as it is online. Although some may be offensive, most of them are fun and humorous.


Everyone has a funny bone and memes give us a chance to share our humorous side with the world. Having your meme maker also makes us creative in making witty social media comments. Most of these tools are free and make it seamless to create memes. So, if you want to make your social media presence lively, use some of these tools and you’ll see the difference. I believe you have been enlightened on how to create a meme, so go ahead and start making memes.

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