Ways to Install Your First-Ever WordPress Theme

Using a WordPress-supported site offers versatility in a myriad of your ways, and changing the theme is one of them. Changing your website’s look and feel can affect how it is perceived. Though WordPress comes with a default theme, you can choose to install WordPress theme you prefer.


WordPress offers several ways to change the existing theme to something you prefer or simply manage the existing theme. This article will look at ways to install WordPress theme. There are three ways to install WordPress themes: through the WordPress dashboard/ upload option, the WordPress theme directory, and the FTP method.

WordPress dashboard/ upload option

One of the simplest ways of how to install WordPress themes is via the WordPress dashboard. With this method, you have to download the compressed version of the theme you want to install.

1. First, you need to log into your WordPress website, then go to the dashboard on the left side of your screen and find Appearance.
2. Under Appearance, click Themes. In this page you will see a number of themes to choose from but since you already have a theme click AddNew.
3. On the next page, click Upload Theme. You will be directed to choose the file of the compressed theme. After choosing, click Install Now. This will install the theme on your WordPress website but you are not done yet.
4. At the bottom of the success message page, look for the Activate button and click it. You have now successfully installed a WordPress theme.

Unfortunately, this form of WordPress theme installer is only accessible by those on WordPress.org and not WordPress.com. For more information on how to migrate to WordPress.org, visit their official website or you can find other tutorials online.

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WordPress theme directory with theme search

You can also install a theme directly from the WordPress directory.

1. Go back to Appearance on the dashboard and click Themes.
2. Click Add New. Unlike the last time, do not click the Upload button. Instead, look at the list of themes. There are the featured, popular, and latest themes together with a search filter. With the search filter, you can identify themes depending on certain features you are looking for. Just select the features from the list given and the WordPress theme installer will give show you a list of themes that meet your preference. If you already have a specific theme in mind, type in the name and WordPress will show you.

3. Hover over the theme you are interested in, and you will see three button options; Install, PreviewandDetail. If you want to see the look of the theme on your website, click Preview. Otherwise, click Install. A success message will appear if the process went through.
4. On this success message page, click Activate and you are done. Make further adjustments to the themes settings if need be but by following the instructions above, in most cases, you are done at this point.

FTP method

For those with no idea what FTP means, have no fear. FTP refers to File Transfer Protocol, which is simply a set of rules that govern how computer networks share files. In this case, you have to have some basic knowledge of how FTP works.

When you want to use FTP to install themes, it is important to know if your cPanel can offer FTP access or if you will have to download a program to facilitate the process. Of all the ways to install WordPress themes, this is not the most beginner-friendly option, but if you follow the instructions carefully, it will work.

What you need

1. An FTP software like FireFTP or an FTP access through cPanel.
2. WinRAR to extract the compressed files. The downloaded WordPress theme usually comes in a compressed version. Since we are uploading it directly to the theme folder, it is advisable to extract before anything else. 1. Go to the .zip file and right click it. 2. On the list that appears click, Extract to. With this method, you will be able to extract the folder you need for uploading. 1. With cPanel or whichever FTP tool you are using, log in and go to wp-content/themes folder then upload the extracted files.
Once uploaded, it by comes easily to activate. The uploaded theme will be visible from the themes option on the dashboard.

To activate the theme:
1. Go to dashboard and under Appearance, click themes, then Add Theme.
2. Hover over the theme you have added, then click Activate.
There you go with the three WordPress theme install guidelines. However, at times you may want to delete themes from your list.

How to delete WordPress themes

Deleting or uninstalling themes is very straightforward and can be accomplished in two ways. It is important to note that when you are about to delete a theme, it should not be your primary theme. If it is, change it to another one before you proceed to delete.

The first process involves going to the dashboard then Appearance. Click Themes. On the themes page, you will see the delete button and then click on it.

The second way involves your FTP. Log in to your FTP manager and locate the folder with the theme you want to delete. It is that simple. Depending on your preference, you can easily delete a theme with both methods.


Installing a WordPress theme is not as difficult as it may seem. As you can see from the WordPress theme install and uninstall procedure, it is hustle free. If you follow the instructions to the latter, you will have nothing to complain about. I hope you will find these guides useful no matter what you plan with your themes. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about how to install WordPress theme.

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