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What are backlinks and why are they beneficial to SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO has come a long way over the years. There was a time when backlinking was all that was required to improve success for your online business. However, this is not the case today. As opposed to a time when the number of backlinks gave a blog or website higher ranking, the quality of your backlinks is what provides result today.

Essentially, when the Penguin algorithm was introduced by Google, only backlinks from quality websites help in improving your website. In addition, your backlinks should be contextual or be related to the content in your blog or website. Therefore, SEO or search engine optimization today seeks to improve the content of your website through the quality of backlinks and not the number of backlinks like before.

You need to ensure that you use content from sites that have authority on your topic of discussion or content.

Importance of backlinks to Search Engine Optimization

1. Improve the organic ranking of your website or blog
Backlinks will help you improve your ranking on major search engines. If you have content that gets organic links you get from other websites, you will rank higher on search engines.
Your main goal should be to craft backlinks that are found in an individual post or homepage in your site. Naturally, by
improving the organic ranking of your blog or website, you have more traffic which means that the business you are running using the blog or website has higher conversion rates and sales.

2. Get faster indexing
Search engine bots normally look for links when seeking information that a user seeks online. With great backlinks, you are assured that the bots will definitely land on your website or blog. In addition, the bots get to crawl your site effectively to search for relevant content.
Therefore, backlinks in SEO will definitely improve the visibility of your website. If you happen to have a new website, you can ensure that you get faster indexing for your site by finding the best visibility by considering the quality of backlinks you use.

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3. Referral traffic
By using quality backlinks on your website, you acquire what is known as referral traffic. This referral traffic refers to traffic you get from authoritative websites. Therefore, your website has more traffic and this improves visibility, conversion, and subsequent profit to your business.

How to get quality backlinks

As mentioned earlier, in search engine optimization using backlinks, you need to consider the quality of backlinks.
First, do not use paid backlinks to improve traffic to your site. Here is how to get quality backlinks

1. Write quality articles
If you write quality articles in your blog or website, people will
often refer to your website and link your website to theirs. You improve organic ranking due to the quality of backlinks and you will definitely get this when your website or blog is linked to an authoritative website.

Consider top-ten list articles, as well as tutorials, are the type of articles that will get you quality backlinks. These backlinks will most likely come from authoritative websites. Use practical examples and proper research to write quality articles.

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2. Guest blogging
Consider guest blogging to get some freeway backlinks for your SEO endeavors. You will get solid backlinks and more traffic which ensures that your visibility on search engines is guaranteed.

3. Submit articles from your website to web directories
Though not a very effective way of search engine optimization, look for some quality web directories to get some quality backlinks. However, avoid any web directories that ask you to backlink to their site.

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To surmise, the article has portrayed how beneficial backlinks are to your online success. With more organic traffic comes more visibility which translates to higher conversion rates. As such, consider backlinks to improve your website’s earning capacity. In addition, the article has included information on how to improve the quality of backlinks in your website to ensure your website and blog has some authority. Naturally, by following these steps in improving your website through backlinks, you have one quality website that will always earn you income passively or directly.

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