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What are the best YouTube alternatives you can find online?

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YouTube alternative available online today


Vimeo literally beats YouTube as a video sharing platform online. Essentially, it is better than YouTube in every way. Launched in 2004, Vimeo is not a platform that was launched specifically to compete with YouTube. The main reason for the Vimeo launch was to improve the quality of videos uploaded as opposed to the quantity. That is the case with YouTube. However, Vimeo was created by filmmakers, creative individuals, as well as video creators who wanted to share their videos online.

This YouTube alternative has a homepage that provides a great user experience. In addition, everything can be categorized using the “Explore” tab that provides for easy user experience.
Essentially, Vimeo is the platform to go to when you need to view some classy short films, and videos about interesting people with interesting lives, and music videos. You do not go to Vimeo to view those “cats on a treadmill” videos.

Per week, you get at least 500mb upload space per week on this platform but can increase it to 2 GB through upgrading your account. Quality is key when you use this YouTube alternative and Vimeo concentrates more on the video and not advertising on the platform.


You may wonder why Flickr should be among the YouTube alternatives listed here. This Yahoo-owned video platform is known as a photo sharing website. However, it does have a well established out of the box feature.

The videos on Flickr are limited to 90 seconds which keeps them interesting. This is the reason they are referred to as
long photos. Per month free users get to upload 2 90second videos. However, those who pay $25 subscription have unlimited uploads on Flickr. This video platform is sure to improve soon and is a great YouTube alternative for creative guys making short videos..


Dailymotion is one of the video platforms that are very much like YouTube. This YouTube alternative shares similar video categories and layout with YouTube. Founded in 2005, the French-owned website allows for videos of up to 20 minutes in length. Although not so popular in America, it is well used in Europe, Asia, and Africa. With Alexa ranking it at 92, it is not so far from YouTube.
Videos produced via Dailymotion promote the best in features. There are HD uploads for pro users. In addition, your videos get more coverage if you agree to the terms of quality.


This YouTube alternative is a community-based website for video sharing. The area of speciality for Metacafe is short professional videos. In their own review, Metacafe mentions that the longest video for their platform is 90 seconds as this improves the user experience when compared to long videos online. There are over 40 million unique users every month on Metacafe. In addition, you will not find any garbage and
unwanted type of videos.

Founded in Israel Tel Aviv, in 2003, it has managed to be on the online map this long. Check exclusives and original using Metacafe any day.


By using this YouTube alternative, you get to view longer videos compared to the likes of Flickr and Metacafe. There is no limit to the size of the video by the users who upload videos in this platform. Therefore, if you are looking for full sized movies and great short films, Veoh is the platform to visit. Therefore, if you want a channel to upload long and short movies, this is the platform to use.



As mentioned in the introduction, there is much gained from alternative video platforms that you do not get on YouTube. You get more coverage for your video if you use YouTube alternative platforms. Therefore, if it is a business type of channel, you are certain that you will boost your business using such a video platform compared to YouTube where there are billions of videos with similar content. In addition, YouTube alternatives do not have the strict rules that YouTube has that may lead to a permanent ban on your account. As such, ensure you find out which is the best video platform for you online for your vlogging, short films, musical, and educational videos.

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