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Launching a Self Hosted WordPress Blog – Its Cost and Process

You want insights on how to launch self-hosted WordPress Blog, its cost and processes? Read this post.For many bloggers, WordPress provides one of the most excellent and convenient platforms for launching their blogging careers. But hosting can have many implications that can either keep you stagnant and confined in your blogging activities or give you new wings to fly to the next level.

Getting a self-hosted platform for your blog is one of the greatest moves a blogger can make. It frees you from the confines that accompany free hosting and allow you to maximize the financial potential of your blog.But how do you achieve this liberating self-hosting status? How is the process like, and how much does it cost in monetary terms? I am going to answer all these questions in the remaining sections of this blog.

The process:

Get a new domain:  The first stage in the process is to get a domain name that is unique to you. You can get a domain from the many domain selling companies such as Godaddy. As you choose a domain, make sure it is easy to remember and reflective of what your blog stands for. You can opt to give it a .org, .co, or .net if you fail to secure a .com.

Get a host:  After getting your unique online identity, you have to get a new home where you are going to host your blog. There are many great hosting companies out there who can give you a secure platform for your WordPress blog. When choosing a hosting company, you should look for qualities such as reliability, security, affordability, and supportiveness any time of the day or night.

Install WordPress:  After securing your hosting account, it is now time that you install your new site. But how do you do this? You need log in into your account and then get to your control panel by entering your username and password. From there, you need to scroll to the “Web builder” section and then click on the “install WordPress” to install your WordPress blog. After installing WordPress, you will need to log into WordPress with your email. You will have to create a database for your new site so that it can aid you through the installation process. After installation, you will have to click on “Install now.”

Logging into WordPress:  After the above process, it is now time to log into our website. You need to do this by going to: This logging in will allow you access to your dashboard. Afterwards, you can sign it to your new blog.

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What about the cost?

Launching a self-hosted blog will cost you money. But the price will vary depending on the individual domain selling and hosting company you choose for your blog. In this section, I will give you a random sampling so that you can have a rough idea of what you can expect. A company like BlueHost will charge you $4.95 per month if you choose a 12-month package. If you go for a 24-month package, you will pay $3.95 per month. You can get a domain name for $12. A firm like GoDaddy will charge you $11.98 for a .com name and host you for $56-$100.

Parting shot

Launching a self-hosted WordPress blog is not just a simple, but also a necessary step for bloggers who want to get beyond the limitations of free hosting to new spheres of productive blogging. The launching entails a simple step-by-step process that any blogger can master and implement without the need for external help. Additionally, the launch will cost you a few bucks, but that cost will be discounted by the many dividends and revenue the blog will begin to generate. With these insightful nuggets at your fingertips, you are better placed to move your blog to the next level of freedom, freedom, the uniqueness of identity, and monetization.

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