WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org: Which Blog Platform Should I Use?

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If you wish to blog for fun, or you want to host a personal journal, then you can opt for platforms such as WordPress.com, BlogSpot, or Tumblr since they are easy to manage and free. Blogging to promote a business or to make money will require a more professional platform like WordPress.org, which is self-hosted. This review will explain to you what WordPress is and the difference between the two variants of WordPress. This will help you to decide which platform works best for you. Read through for a better understanding.

What’s a WordPress Platform?

It started as a blogging tool but later evolved to full CMS (content management system). Its first version was released in 2003 as an open source project. Ten years later, it has evolved to become the most popular platform for creating websites and blogs. There are two important facts you should know about WordPress.
WordPress has a strong backing community of website development companies and freelance designers offering free and premium WordPress themes.
Webmasters have a great challenge these days of creating an outstanding design and WordPress themes. You can change the appearance and design of your theme with a few clicks of a button.

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WordPress Plugins

Core features of WordPress are extended through plugins or software. They enhance WordPress performance by adding new features. We also have plugins to carry out anything in a WordPress website. Tons of plugins are available in the market, and it’s easy to get confused on which one to pick. However, you can always refer to guides that are available on the Web. You can download these plugins from official plugin directory or from individual plugin developers.

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What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

WordPress has two variations of the software, namely WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.org is also known as a “self-hosted WordPress blog.”


WordPress.com is offered by Automattic, and it’s a free blogging platform that allows you to create a free blog. At WordPress.com, you won’t need to download any software or pay for hosting. WordPress.com is useful to photographers, artists, and plumbers, who don’t require much web maintenance. A Web address like “name. wordpress.com” will be given to you when you create a blog with WordPress. The WordPress server will host your blog. The platform works well for anyone running a blog for hosting his own publication. Paid add-ons are available and even paid themes. You can also buy custom domain names. However, you will suffer the following restrictions on website management:

o You cannot install third-party plugins
o Limited theme choices
o You will have to abide by the set terms and conditions
o You must register an account with WordPress.com
o No WordPress plans to choose from

However, it is not that a bad, if you are running a personal blog on the WordPress team, will manage your blogs architecture and backup. WordPress.com will work well for:

o Persons starting a personal journal blog
o Companies that want wed-space for announcements, where branding and design are not important WordPress.com won’t work well for:
o Individuals aiming to make money from a blog.

o Where content marketing is used by companies as their marketing channel o If you want to have total control of your website e.g. access to custom codes and custom plugins

o Individuals who wish to use ad networks like AdSense or Infolinks o If you wish to create a blog for affiliate marketing

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WordPress.org(self-hosted platform)

If you are starting a commercial blog, creating e-commerce site or promoting small business, then WordPress.org is the right platform for you. If you want this platform, you will first have to download a copy of WordPress from the official download page and install it on your hosting server.

The self-hosted WordPress is popular around the world, and that is why many hosting companies are offering custom solutions or scripts like Fantastico that lets you install WordPress with one click. This platform requires technical knowledge to run it. Software downloads are free but you will have to install them on the Web server in order to work.

Let’s look at the features of WordPress.org:

o Both platforms have the same interfaces (the WordPress dashboard).
o The difference is that WordPress.org doesn’t have limitations when it comes to website management. You get total control. WordPress.org enables you to:
o Install third-party themes or create custom themes o Install third-party plugins o Monetize the Web in any form you choose
o Has several WordPress plans to choose from

Interesting facts about WordPress:

• Popular websites such as TechCrunch, Forbes, and CNN are powered by WordPress VIP
• 27% of websites are powered by WordPress worldwide
• Popular mobile platforms like iOS, Blackberry, and Android support WordPress app
• Search engine friendly migration is done if move your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress. org
• Corporates and individuals can make money thanks to marketplace created by WordPress
• You can get jobs from freelance marketplaces like Freelance.com • Get support from the WordPress community through the support forum
• Many other types of websites are created by WordPress like affiliate systems, directory websites, portfolio websites, and ticketing systems • ShoutMeLoud is powered by WordPress
• There is a plugin to perform almost anything for WordPress
• Anyone can install WordPress locally to develop, learn, or test anything on WordPress

Quick video review on WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Source: WPMU DEV


We have given you a comprehensive guide on what platform to choose between WordPress.com vs .org when starting a blog. The article has also given you a greater understanding of WordPress. There are tons of web hosts out there but none comes close to WordPress. What makes WordPress a great web host company is its flexibility to accommodate everyone, whether corporate or individuals. Whether you intend to make money or for personal gain, feel free to inquire for more information if you need clarification.

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