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How to Write Ideal Content if You are not Good in English

English is one of the most popular language people use to communicate all over the world especially for those on the business front. However, this does not mean that it is a native language to all.

To most people, it is a second, third, or even fourth, language and that is why fluency becomes an issue for most speakers. Others have to depend on the services of a translator to get their point across. The difficulty is even more frustrating if you are a writer where quality is paramount. Having the ideas but have no idea on how to express them with fluency in English is one of the biggest frustrations you can ever have. There are writers who have to redo some of the writing gigs simply because English is not their first language.

If you are one of them, do not beat yourself down because most writers have an issue with their grammar or something else in the English language but managed to work on their weak points. It is at this point you realize that passion alone does not just cut it. But due to the advancement in technology, you can get that much-needed help. This article will describe some of the most popular tools like Grammarly to enhance your written content.

Grammarly is one tool that writers cannot afford to do without. Even if English is native to you, there is always that chance that you will miss something. Grammarly pays a very critical role in making sure that you spot the grammatical errors, whether major or minor. This tool can identify punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, and so on while at the same time making useful suggestions to keep your English on point. Another impressive feature of Grammarly is that is can identify words that would do well with synonyms, especially to avoid repetitiveness. Since you will have an account, the dashboard will always show the common mistakes according to the content it is fed with so that you can work on them. Additionally, it’s plagiarism checker ensures that your work does not closely resemble that of someone else’s post.

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If you are working using via WordPress, then this plug in is one to look at. is the tool to use when you want to write content in different languages. With the plugin, you can choose the languages you wish to translate the content into. From then on, you can translate the content if you are confident in your own abilities or hire a translator to work on it. Since we are assuming English is not your forte, a translator would be ideal. It is easy to use and once the languages are chosen, they download automatically. In addition, there is no need to translate every article you have ever written since you just pick the ones you favor more and you are done. In addition, with each translation, a language-specific URL Is given.

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Just like Polylang, this is another language translation tool for WordPress. WPML is also easy to use and can be used to translate into different languages including Spanish, French, Italian, and English. Just like Polylang, solely you, a group of translators, or a hired hand can do a translation. It is easy to use as well and from WPML you get premium support. What makes the deal even better is the SEO support that works in all those languages you have selected. You do not have worry about ranking on the translated pages. For those running an e-commerce website, then fear not for it also offers e-commerce support for the pages under your site, whether translated or not.

Lingotek translation

As far as translation websites go, Lingotek Translation stands out. This company prides itself in providing translation services for WordPress users. There is no big difference between Polylang and WPML except that they offer professional services for your pages. You can hire a professional translator to get the work done if you have no time or you cannot depend on your translation abilities. Not only will they translate, but they will also upload the finished product to your website, but with your approval. Lingotek Translation also offers the cheaper option of what they call community translation, which includes you and your employees or social circle working together to translate. Finally, there is the machine option that gives you the freedom to work on the translation by yourself. It saves money but you run the risk of not doing things the right way.


Weglot is another WordPress translation plugin that allows you to translate your website into a multilingual heaven. Weglot offers the unique machine translation option. This is best when in you need a quick translation fix. You just need to make the request to Weglot and you are done in a few minutes. Unfortunately, this is not the best choice if you need refined content. Fortunately, Weglot has the answer for that in the form of manual editing and professional translators. Manual means you have to go through the text and translate by yourself, employees or community. Professional option means you have to hire professionals to work on the translation process, which is quite costly, especially if you are working on a strict budget.


Simply put, there is no way readers can take you seriously when the content is not up to par. The plugins above can really help but be aware that you need to know the basics as far as English is concerned. These tools can work on 40% of the errors as in the case of Grammarly while translators work will only be as good as you will let it be. However, these tools work well in improving the content you have and in what you will be working on in the future.

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