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EasyWebinar: Best Webinar Platform


/backup-your-wordpress-website-using-vaultpress/Online communication has stamped its foot worldwide and has become a common trait especially in online businesses. That is why you need a webinar platform suitable for all manner of online communication. A commendable webinar software can air live events, summits, hybrid events, encore events and create simple replay pages. All these functionalities are made possible by the EasyWebinar platform.

The platform has 2 live streaming methods. The first one is EasWebinar’s Live Engine that can host up to 100 attendees, or use them and secondly the YouTube Live Engine for larger scale events. They are both easy to use and don’t require a webinar expert to use them. The Live Engine allows you to conduct live HD Quality, No-Latency streaming and screen sharing with up to 4 people. Among other best webinar platforms, the software integrates with Google Hangouts and YouTube Live, giving you a dynamic live events streaming HD steaming viewed with thousands of attendees.

This is not all the webinar platform can do. Apart from the live streaming, EasyWebinar also allows you to easily create, manage and analyze full event marketing funnels for all your life and evergreen webinars/events. You can set up email follow-up, create your registration page, thank you page, social share feature, event page, the event replay, and more.

Features of EasyWebinar

The platform has some of the best webinar tools including:

  • Live Engine (in Beta) – EasyWebinar provides HD quality, no latency live streaming platform. This includes HD quality for both live and screen sharing with up to 4 people in the room which steams out to up to 100 attendees.
  • YouTube Live integrations – For larger events of more than 1000 attendees, you can use Wirecast, or any third party video encoder suitable for YouTube.
  • Accommodate many events Create – The software provides Live Events, Automated Pre-recorded Events, Pre-Recorded Events Stream in Real-Time and Hybrid Events (switch between life and automated). You can even create Events streamed in your attendee’s Time Zone.
  • Page Designer and Builder – The platform allows you to choose from several adjustable and stylish templates used in creating your Registration, Confirmation, Live Event, Replay and Thank You pages.
  • Numerous Integrations – EasyWebinar provides multiple integrations with all major Autoresponders to send all kind of related emails from announcements to reminders. Due to its Integration with SendGrid, there is no need for an Autoresponder to send your (webinar) emails. You can use the built-in email system together with SendGrid to better your delivery. The one-click signup technology allows email pass through fields and Facebook sign up.
  • Full Chatbox integration – You can use the built-in chat box or allow chat options for Twitter, Facebook, LiveFyre, Chatroll and more.
  • Delayed Timed Events – The system will track your registrant through the entire event process, from registering to attending, to performing actions.
  • Dynamic Event Funnel Editing – Your live event and the leads, sales and engagement that’s generated from it, won’t just end there when the event is over. With EasyWebinar, once that live event is done, you can automatically convert it into an evergreen or automated event with a single click of a button. This will allow you to generate more leads and sales through the power of automation.
  • Unique Social Share Incentive – Have more viral traffic swarming into your events with our advanced Social Share Incentive function. You can generate a thanks page using EasWebinar. The thank you page allows to bring in more viral leads through unlocking a free gift as a reward for somebody sharing.
  • A Full Analytics Centre – Do you want to know who your loyal visitors and how many they are? The automated webinar analytics system will track your registrant through the entire event process, from signing up, to attending, to performing actions. You can see who your best prospects are and then download that information and put it in your own Customer relationship management system.
  • Webinar Optimization – You can optimize your webinar to obtain on the first page of Google with our new Search engine optimization section.

Other Features of Live Webinars

      • The platform gives you an option to remove the EasyWebinar Branding. The automated webinar software will automatically create all pages and host these pages for you. But you can also host the pages on your own domain by using a WordPress integration plugins. With EasyWebinar you can create a registration widget which anywhere you want. The Google Hangouts and YouTube Live allow you to have an unlimited number of attendees, multiple presenters and use a webcam and desktop sharing.

EasyWebinar Pricing

The lowest entry price for EasyWebinar Software Suite is $29.00 per month paid yearly and allows a maximum of 50 attendees all the way up to $375.00 per month for the Enterprise level 5 sub-users and integrated Evergreen webinars. Price is set according to the number of attendees. The offer has a 30-day money back guarantee period with no questions asked. Additionally, the WordPress webinar plugin has some unique features that are not common with other Webinar Software platforms. These features include:

Find the perfect plan for you — 100% satisfaction guaranteed

      • Pre-Recorded Events Stream in Real Time
      • Turn your Live Events into Automated Events
      • Create “No Registration Required Event Links” or “No Registration Required Countdown Event Links”.
      • Third Party Chat such as LiveFyre, ChatRoll, Facebook and Twitter
      • Infusionsoft CRM Tagging API

For the YouTube Live Engine, this is the 5th major upgrade meaning that the software has been tested and used for quite some time. I didn’t find any major flaws that are a nuisance. Since you are using Google hangouts you get their branding. But both give high-quality service that is easy to use. You can utilize Google’s since they are free to use.

Checkout quick video review on Easywebinar

Source: Easy Webinar


You can now go ahead and start building your steady earnings, promoting your online or offline business, and experience online communication using the amazing WordPress webinar plugin. With all the features and functionality it offers, I believe this is the right tool for online and offline communication. Try it out to have a firsthand experience.

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