I’m an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneurs launch their first successful online business. Ranked as Top 1% Successful Freelancers & Creative Head of NamanModi.com; eBuilderz.com; PunchPixels.com; an initiative to help small business success and also publish articles in close connection with the online business.

About Me

Although I don’t like to self-promote myself, it helps…you know what I mean. So I’ll just give a glimpse of myself in short. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, for an eager 20 year, developed a keen eye for web designing and started looking for institutes where I can learn more about the web world. During the course of my study, I started to practice with no money to my name by just sitting at home, doing freelancing and accomplishing the tasks as given by my clients. After few years of hitting and get hit, including some wonderful and some not so pleasant experiences with clients, I managed to endeavor 500 projects over the span of 4 years. My later work progressed to Brand Development, Website Design, Website Speed Optimization, E-commerce design/development and SEO/SMM Practices.


  • I am an engineer turned web designer/developer(for 5+ years now)
  • When it comes to creativity, age is just a number.
  • Initiated at a fast pace, toiled day and night with strong determination.
  • Presently, work for 10+ clients from Part-time to Full-Time basis.
  • Have accomplished all kinds of web tasks(design, development, e-commerce, branding and much more)
  • Recognised for ingenious thinking coupled with a passion for working.
  • Well versed with in’s and out’s for all kinds of web designs.
  • Majority of my clients are from US, Canada, and Australia.


Flash Back to My Past Life

During school, I was passionate about drawing and sketching, also received awards and recognitions as best painter and sketcher. After realizing that this field won’t be able to fulfill my dream in long run, I diverted myself towards software’s and working on Adobe Photoshop.

During engineering, I coded my first HTML website, as my passion to learn about website building. After receiving my Bachelor's Degree, I mastered over the technical aspects and programming languages like HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Core PHP and C++. Although got many job offers, but having avid determination to polish my skills in the web business, I didn’t accept any offer and joined a Web Institute.

My First Lesson:

Bookish Language doesn’t really help to become a successful web designer/developer.


As a Beginner to Web World

During my course at the Web Institute, I observed that many of the students and teachers were making thousands of dollars by working as a part-time freelancer for US customers. I gave it a thought if they can; I can also do the same and decided to follow the same threads. So all charged up, I began searching and learning all about web business through books and over the web.

I kept learning until in 2012, got my first freelance job @$1 per hour with the task of photo editing, web graphics, and small HTML tasks. With super excitement as my efforts got poured in, I worked for that client earnestly for six months. The client was so satisfied with my services that he incremented to $5 per hour; making a great start to my journey as a web designer and developer. I still continued working part time for few clients and after completing the course took up freelancing as a full-time career.

My Second Lesson:

A strong determination to do something, leads your way to success.


All Geared Up

At this point of time, I find it a bit hard to handle client queries on my own, so took guidance from my dad. Although he doesn’t belong to my field, but had a clear sense of business tactics. He guided me to work relentlessly with utmost dedication, keeping limited clients, maintaining healthy relations and quality of work.

That year I worked for 70 clients, handled projects from part time to full-time basis in the field of Branding, Graphic designing, Website Designing, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Core PHP, WordPress, and Magento.

My Third Lesson:

To be a successful freelance designer and developer, you should deliver quality work rather than focussing on quantity.


It is easy to start a project but it is hard to do it well. Well, not for me.

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