Refund Policy and Terms of Submission

My priority is to uphold the highest standards of content while fostering a community of passionate digital experts. To ensure clarity and understanding, below are our Refund Policy and Terms of Submission:

Refund Policy:

1. Rejected Submissions:

  • Articles that are rejected due to a misalignment with our platform’s standards or objectives will be eligible for a full refund, provided we believe the content isn’t salvageable with edits.

2. Recommended Revisions:

  • If we believe the content can be aligned with our standards through revisions, we will provide detailed feedback. If contributors choose not to make the recommended changes, a 50% refund will be provided.

3. Delays:

  • Should there be any unexpected delays from our side that go beyond the stipulated timeline, contributors will be informed promptly. If the delay is unreasonable, a discussion regarding potential refunds or other solutions will take place.

4. Payment Errors:

  • In cases of overpayment or duplicate payments due to technical glitches, a full refund of the extra amount will be processed immediately upon notification.

Terms of Submission:

1. Content Originality:

  • All articles must be original and unique. Plagiarized content is strictly prohibited. If a piece is inspired by another work, proper credit must be given.

2. Copyright:

  • Once accepted and published, the article becomes the copyrighted property of Republishing the entire content elsewhere is not permitted. Sharing excerpts or quotes with a link back to the original content on Naman Modi Digital is allowed.

3. Linking:

  • Articles can contain high-quality links relevant to the content. Avoid linking to sites with a Moz Domain Authority below 20. Excessive promotional or irrelevant links might lead to content rejection.

4. Quality Assurance:

  • I reserves the right to modify, edit, or reject submissions that do not meet our quality and relevancy standards.

5. Imagery and Visuals:

  • All images and visuals should be high quality and contributors must ensure they have the necessary rights to use them. Proper credits should be given wherever necessary.

6. Content Promotion:

  • Once published, contributors are encouraged to share their articles across their social channels to increase visibility. However, the content’s integrity should be maintained, and it should be represented accurately during promotions.

7. Feedback & Revisions:

  • Contributors should be open to feedback and revisions. I might suggest changes to ensure the content aligns well with my platform’s ethos.

By submitting an article to Naman Modi, you agree to adhere to the above Refund Policy and Terms of Submission. We look forward to collaborating with digital enthusiasts who are keen on sharing their expertise and stories with our audience. Should you have any queries or require clarification on any point, feel free to reach out to us.

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