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Hello, Digital Enthusiasts seeking guest post opportunities!

The journey to become a distinguished writer once felt like climbing a mountain. But the digital age has paved a new path. Now, the web offers everyone an open stage to voice their thoughts, reaching a global audience in the process.

I’m Naman Modi, living proof of this digital transformation. My voyage in the digital realm spans from web design to mastering Shopify and crafting WordPress solutions. Through my experiences, I’ve also ventured deep into SEO and digital marketing. My dedication and passion fueled each step, driving me not only to grow but also to establish Naman Modi Digital. It’s a platform where I and many others can shine, share insights, and make a lasting mark in the digital world.

To all writers out there, whether you’re just starting or have tales from the trenches, this is your chance. If you’ve ever imagined leaving a mark in the digital writing space, this is your moment. On Naman Modi Digital, we’re ready to hear your story.

Why Contribute to Naman Modi Digital?

  • Reach a Curious Audience: Post here and you’re speaking to a dynamic community interested in freelance web services. Our readers are always on the hunt for fresh insights into the latest web trends.
  • Establish Your Authority: Quality is our hallmark. Share your expert advice on SEO, Shopify, or WordPress, and cement your standing as a trusted voice in the industry.
  • Amplify Your Online Presence: Benefit from a valuable DA 45+ Traffic do-follow backlink, boosting your SEO. With our speedy publishing, you can broaden your digital reach swiftly.
  • Freelance-Focused Topics: Our platform celebrates the multifaceted world of freelancing. Whether you’re discussing the nuances of freelance web design, strategies for SEO freelancers, the challenges of being a solo Shopify expert, or insights into WordPress freelancing, we’re especially keen on digital marketing guest posts that cater to our SEO, Shopify, and WordPress enthusiasts. Share your journey, tips, and strategies.
  • Join a Rich Journey: Naman Modi Digital is more than just a platform. It’s the result of my journey from a passionate freelancer to a digital expert. Each article here adds to our shared story. Contribute and be a part of our growing legacy.

We also welcome SEO experts, Shopify enthusiasts, and WordPress professionals to share their insights and benefit from guest posting on a platform that values quality and authenticity. If you have keen insights into the expansive world of web freelancing, we’re eager to listen.

Topics of Interest for Naman Modi Digital

We focus on freelance web services, a vast domain with countless facets. If you’re passionate about this industry and have invaluable insights to share, you’ve found your stage.

Our readers include:

  • Web Developers: Explore freelancing avenues and compare solo freelancing vs. development agencies.
  • Designers: Delve into design principles, user experience, and the newest design trends.
  • Internet Marketers: Discuss search engine marketing, niche SEO, and online business strategies.
  • Website Owners: Navigate through choosing the perfect platform and the intricacies of website outsourcing.
  • Freelancers: Uncover secrets to freelance success and tips on platforms like Fiverr.

Topics We Don’t Entertain: At Naman Modi Digital, while we are passionate about sharing diverse insights into the digital realm, there are specific topics we refrain from. We strictly do not accept content related to gambling or any topics that endorse, promote, or glamorize such activities. Our commitment is to maintain a resourceful and positive space for our readers, and we believe these topics don’t align with our platform’s objectives. Before drafting your piece, kindly ensure your content doesn’t traverse into these areas.

Topic Ideas and Preferences for Naman Modi Digital

We’re particularly interested in articles that provide guest post advice for digital marketing, SEO strategies, Shopify tutorials, and WordPress best practices.

Popular Topics

  • Essential tools for freelancers.
  • Transitioning to remote work during COVID-19.
  • Hiring expert developers, from WordPress to Shopify.
  • Using platforms like Fiverr for freelancing.
  • What to know before hiring a freelance software developer.

Trending Now

  • Outsourcing in Website Development.
  • Advantages of Freelance WordPress Developers.
  • Key points before hiring a freelance designer.
  • Niche SEO: Deep dive into plastic surgery practices.

Creating a Successful Submission

  • Depth: Be thorough in your analysis or comparison, especially when discussing SEO, Shopify, or WordPress guest post topics.
  • Authenticity: Share real-life experiences and lessons learned.
  • Practical Value: Offer actionable insights or step-by-step guides.

For a clearer sense of our preferences, review a few of our blog posts. Aligning with our content style increases the chances of your article connecting with our readers.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Topic Relevance: Dive deep into our blog’s themes. We especially appreciate content that delves into the intricacies of freelancing within the web industry. Topics related to freelance web design, web development, SEO freelancing, and the unique challenges and successes faced by freelancers in areas like Shopify, PHP development, and WordPress are highly preferred.
  • Length: Minimum of 2000 words.
  • Originality: Content should be unique. Give credit if inspired by another’s work.
  • Visuals: We prefer images in high-quality formats and videos either uploaded directly or embedded from YouTube. Screenshots for tutorials are welcomed. Ensure you have the rights for any visuals and credit sources when necessary.

Key Rules

  • Objectivity: Keep articles neutral.
  • Links: Only high-quality links. Avoid linking to sites with a Moz Domain Authority below 20. Use branded links, unless citing data.
  • Copyright: Once accepted, content becomes the copyrighted property of This means contributors are not permitted to republish the entire article elsewhere. However, sharing short snippets or quotes with a link back to the original content on Naman Modi Digital is allowed. We aim to preserve the uniqueness of our platform’s content, and we appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

By following these guidelines, you’re not just submitting an article—you’re joining the NamanModi Digital community.

Pricing & Publishing Timeline

  • Standard: $100 with a publication wait of one week.
  • Express: $150 for publication within 3 days.
Guest Posting Services

Refunds and Article Rejections

At Naman Modi Digital, we value quality and relevance. While we strive to publish all received contributions, there may be instances where an article might not align with our platform’s standards or objectives. In such cases:

  • If your article is rejected, we offer a full refund if we believe the content is not salvageable with edits.
  • If revisions are recommended, we’ll provide constructive feedback for modifications. Should you choose not to make the revisions, a 50% refund will be provided.
  • For full clarity, kindly review our Refund Policy and Terms of Submission before initiating the contribution process.

Payment & Contribution Process

  • Select your desired publishing timeline—either Standard or Express.
  • Click the “BUY NOW” button as mentioned above to complete your payment through PayPal.
  • After payment, forward your confirmation to [email protected].
  • Once confirmed, we will discuss and finalize your contribution details, including topic selection and content specifics.
    Note: We exclusively accept payments through PayPal. Ensure your payment is completed before discussing topic and content details. 

Submission Guide & Notes for Contributors

  • Start Your Contribution: Follow the steps mentioned in the “Payment & Contribution Process” section above.
  • Pre-Submission Review: Before submitting, ensure your topic has not been previously covered by using our search function on
  • Submit Your Proposal: Forward your topic suggestion to [email protected] using the subject “Guest Post Idea for Naman Modi Digital” along with your payment confirmation screenshot.
  • Await Our Response: We will review your proposal and respond within a few business days.
  • Draft Your Contribution: Once approved, submit your full article complemented by any relevant images or videos.
  • Review & Finalization: Your article might undergo revisions to align with our standards, and once finalized, it will be published within the stipulated timeline.
  • Promote Your Content: Upon publication, increase its visibility by sharing on your social media platforms and encouraging others to do the same.

A Heartfelt Note

Every contribution, be it an SEO guest post, a tale of your Shopify experiences, or wisdom on WordPress development, enriches our platform. I like to think of Naman Modi Digital as a bustling cafe. It’s a place where digital stories unfold, much like spirited conversations over a cup of coffee. But it’s not just about expertise. It’s about the stories behind the skills, the struggles and triumphs, the little personal touches that make a narrative compelling. So, as you sit down to pen your piece, infuse it with your unique voice—whether that’s with a dash of humor, an anecdote, or a fresh perspective. At Naman Modi Digital, we’re not just looking for articles; we’re looking for stories. And we’re eager to hear yours.

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