Engage yourself as a Guest Blogger

To be established as a good writer was challenging in conventional times. Thanks to this web world, which has democratized attention where everyone gets a chance to present their writings to be read by thousands and thousands of people around the world.

In a way, if you always wanted to pursue your career as a writer, well the time is Now… with the help of Guest Posting.

It took me a lot of time to be established as a Successful Freelancer after putting my hard-work and soul into my client’s projects. That’s a reason, I always welcome new and budding writers, who want to get into the mainstream of web content writing and make a successful career as a writer. But before submitting a guest post, better you go through the specified guidelines to ensure your writing gets approved.


If you want to be a legitimate contributor to my blogger’s community, here are some of the things that need to be taken care of:

  • Articles related to web industry: Just go to the homepage to get a clear understanding of the article topics published here and get accepted accordingly. I only accept articles which are related to Blogging, WordPress, Entrepreneurship, Making money online, SEO/SMM tools, Product reviews & comparisons etc.
  • Engaging Content: Your content should be engaging enough to hook your readers with the quality of writing backed by complete details. Your articles should be a minimum of 1000 words and it should cover the complete topic in detail. I consider quality over quantity so put your guest post with detailed overview rather than spinning same words.
  • No Plagiarism: Original content is given due recognition, so avoid posting someone else’s content. If your work is influenced by someone else’s work, be modest to give them credit.
  • Adding Images/Videos: Posts that involve topic specific images or videos tend to become more click baits for readers. For example, Screenshots can be published for any specific web application tutorials or if you are good at making videos, feel free to post along with your writings so as to get it published instantly. I respect every contributor’s work. So, feel free to give credit to all those people who helped you in choosing images/videos that you used on your post.
  • Copywrite Issues: Your post becomes a copywriter ownership on NamanModi.com, once it gets published, which in turn cannot be published on any other website/blog.
  • Proactive to Readers: Whenever we publish your articles then people might post some comments on them. You’ve to answer any queries related to your article via Disqus commenting system. By interacting with your reader’s queries, you’ll get more followers on your guest post, also be helping them.


Now, that you have gone through the stated guidelines, here’s how you can submit your post.

  • First, send me an email with your topic idea only. There’s no need to send full blog post.
  • Just wait for few days to get your idea approved.
  • Once approved, you can send your complete blog post with respective images/videos included.
  • After going through some revisions, your post will be published within a month’s time.
  • Once your post is live, feel proud to share your blog post on your networks, to be further shared with your friends

Do the complete search on NamanModi.com to avoid submitting already published posts. You can fill the form below to submit the guest post.

If there are any doubts regarding guest posting, just send an email to [email protected] and will revert you shortly.

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