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The highest priority for your business today is developing a website on the internet. For achieving this it’s pertinent for a PHP WordPress developer to follow various steps of website design and development. PHP programming language is commonly used for web application and website development. It is a server scripting language that helps create dynamic applications and pages. Also, for your secure, reliable, and fast website, you need PHP. Now the question arises : Why is PHP programming popular as a programming language for website development?


First reason is, the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is free. In addition, there is no licensing fee which makes it cost effective for a freelance PHP developer. Secondly, this server-side programming language has the ability to interact with various database languages such as MySQL. Furthermore, MySQL and PHP are attuned to an Apache server which happens to also be free in terms of the license. Aside from these advantages, PHP can also use Linux, Windows and UNIX servers to launch.

Hire me as your php developer


When you use my PHP development services,rest assured as your website or web application development is in capable hands. I am an experienced and skillful PHP software developer who will take your project to the launching level successfully. Using my years of expertise in the field, I will provide you with booming web solutions that are bug-free, functionalities you require in your site and above all, professional service. Before I begin your project, I offer you with a requirement sheet that you fill including all the functions you need subsequent to the PHP development commencement.

I make certain that my project will provide you with a great Return on Investment and fast turnaround time while keeping you updated with latest techniques in the PHP development services sector. Towards this end, I provide you with a final product that will increase your visibility online and improve your business due to improved user experience better than your competitors.

Whenever you feel to hiring PHP developer, without any second thought, you may click on the connect button below, as I have completed numerous projects and ready to take on new challenges based on your unique needs in PHP development.

The php development services offered by me

When looking to hire PHP coders, you are looking for a superior service definitely. When you opt me as your PHP developer, stay clinched for top-notch results guaranteeing results in your business growth. The following are the services you get for your PHP website applications.


Custom PHP Web Application Development

Do you need Custom PHP Web development solution ? Okay, just loosen up as I will provide you with high performing secure and advance solutions. The services I offer comprises reliable, flexible and high performing applications for your business needs. I understand you need superior products for your clients and I will offer that to assist in your business fulfillments. Alongwith using MySQL, Linux and Apache, I adopt modern tools and finest coding methodologies in order to cater to all your PHP development project needs thereby providing you with greater conversion rates and business profits.


PHP E-commerce Solutions

Ecommerce business is a new trend these days with many clients raising demand to hire ecommerce developer to flourish their business online.Through my PHP web development services, your e-commerce site gets a new professional look that will help to sell your products and services with minimal efforts. The customized e-commerce solutions offered provide for features such as safe payment processing, shopping carts, and user-friendly platform to allow your clients’ unique shopping experience. You’ll have the option of B2C or B2B storefronts customized to your brand’s business objectives.In addition, your viewers get an engaging experience by including interactive admin panel, 3 step checkout, and exclusive shopping cart.


PHP Mobile Web Services

The PHP WordPress developer services I offer are all inclusive for web services and mobile applications. This means the applications are easily integrated to your customers’ iOS, Android as well as cross hybrid applications. This allows data sharing between various devices and applications easier when compared to other web development services. With mobile applications sharing data with different iOS, you are assured of business growth as your data will get to more clients.


PHP Frameworks

My PHP development services will give you an advantage to your business by providing open source frameworks. These include Symphony, Laravel, CakePHP among other distinctive frameworks augmenting great web applications custom made for your clients. By adopting a Model View Controller, you are able to make fluent and easy modifications for your final product. I also provide dynamic web applications making it possible for usability, security, and efficiency round the clock. Hence the final product will be fully tested and highly configurable. The responsive technology I use in PHP development also provides for maximum functionality of your web application as well as customized interactivity based on the PHP frameworks mentioned above.


Social Networking Development

The PHP social networking solutions I offer provide for effective communication platforms that are comprehensive for your customers and business. If you need to create a social networking site for your business, I offer you the best features for your applications and website. These social networking web applications provide integration for your dynamic and static sites.


PHP Cloud Solutions

To run an effective business, you need effective and superior cloud solutions not only to back up your data but provide your business with smooth operations. I make use of cloud services such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS among other backend solutions that are based on PHP development. The cloud infrastructure I provide assists host and develops the backend for mobile and web applications making the process of PHP development simpler. This will help your business and enterprise operate smooth globally.

Advance php solutions



You need Content Management Systems to help you manage your content seamlessly. When you require PHP development professional in India, seek my services. I provide domain expertise that offers you a flexible interface that you may choose to update content. From videos to articles to images and design, it’s user-friendly. Based on your requirements, I can tweak an already existing CMS or create one from scratch to help your website and applications operate efficiently for your business needs. Aside from quality checks and tests on the finished CMS solution, I ensure that it is compatible with 3rd party plugins. In addition, the CMS can be integrated into e-commerce sites and provide inbuilt SEO capabilities. You also have the option of multiple user permissions if you have a staff to manage your content.



Assisting you in making your business process seamless by using innovative technology to automate, organize and synchronize your business activities. You will have access to superior CRM software when you use my PHP development services. Software such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM among others. You will manage tracking opportunities and leads efficiently to increase your client base and retain your existing customers through good customer relations management solutions. With great customer satisfaction comes more clients and higher profits in-turn conversion rates for your business.



My PHP development services provide your business with superior and customized enterprise applications. I use PHP scripts for server-side scripting, desktop applications, and command line scripting. This will improve your business greatly by improving your productivity and efficiency while dealing with clients. When dealing with clients I consider their current location. I do know that you need enterprise locations that will help you promote your trade. That is the reason why I ensure that my services help you towards this end. Feel free to contact me and get a quote for my PHP development services. I will provide you with a requirement sheet to fill prior to having a personal briefing on your expectations for your website and application.Allow me to build your business with my superior PHP web development services.

Hiring model elucidated


You may opt for a Fixed-Price Model when you have evaluated your project requirement, its time and cost of development. After analyzing your project, I will give you a quote. Once approved, we will enter into an agreement of a certain amount that will be billed for a definite amount of task over specific time period. This model best suits Startup’s or Small Entrepreneurs with limited project needs.

  • No changes in price unless you approve such change
  • Milestones or split options also accepted
  • Know exactly what you’re getting upfront & how much
  • Upgradation or cancellation anytime


You may opt for an Hourly Model when your project is ongoing or has a pervasive scope of additions. After analyzing your project needs, I will give you an hourly quote. Once approved, we will enter into an agreement and you pay as- you- go. Suitable for both Sole and Large Entrepreneurs, this model suits best if you require continuous support in website maintenance or development.

  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • 20-40 Hours of Guaranteed production every week
  • Review Logged Hours by the end of each week in the Google Sheet
  • Upgradation or cancellation anytime

Key Benefits

Hiring a PHP Developer has many advantages as it leverages you to stay ahead of your competition. It also gives your website an attractive look to make your visitors coming back for more. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get if you work with me as your PHP developer.


I have years of experience in the web development field and the skills I possess allows me to single out the best proven methodologies that work for different websites with no room for bugs. With all the expertise I have earned, your PHP development will take less time compared to other inexperienced developers.


Naturally, you will need a technical expert to check your blog and maintain it for business development. However, when you choose to hire me as your WordPress developer, you get all this technical support for free. All you need to do is call me anytime.


I offer free quality analysis testing as a remote WordPress consultant and developer. I will double check your project and ensure that there are no loopholes or bugs in your complete WordPress blog. If I do find any, I fix them immediately at no additional cost.


Since I cater to all the tools needed in the PHP development, the cost of development reduces significantly. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about electricity bills, leasing a workstation or cost of a good internet connection as my packages cover for all these.


I have clear-cut knowledge and skills to develop an amazing PHP website. I also remain updated about the latest tools and techniques of PHP development, which enhances the quality of your website yielding maximum productivity and profitability.


I like to keep my clients updated about the status of their website on a regular basis. This allows me to consider all their recommendations which, if combined with my awesome techniques, will achieve greatness. Choosing me as your PHP developer, is a long term partnership.


Today all businesses want to make prudent investments in the technology so they can stay ahead of the competition. That is why you need me as your PHP developer to empower your business and make it successful. I offer these services at affordable rates that will guarantee great ROI.


Security is paramount to any website and with my PHP development skills you can rest assured that your website is secured. I use multiple level security in my PHP development services with no vulnerability threats that can’t be corrupted by hackers or malicious programs thereby running your business uninterruptedly.

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Unlike many other freelancers, I offer a comprehensive, end-to-end services that includes not just coding, but also project planning, design consultation, and ongoing support. My focus is on delivering high-quality, scalable, and efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs. For more details simply, book an appointment with me today, I will provide you with the customised proposals.

Apart from PHP, I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. This allows me to offer full-stack development services and handle both the front-end and back-end of your web application seamlessly. For any query,simply, Visit my website portfolio, fill a contact form, I will contact you directly!

Quality is my top priority. I am Naman Modi, will adhere to best coding practices, conduct rigorous testing, and offer a period of post-launch support to address any bugs or issues that may arise. View my personalised portfolio now!

Absolutely. All the websites and web applications I develop are mobile-responsive and optimised for various screen sizes, ensuring a smooth user experience on any device. Contact me by just filling the contact form by visiting my Website portfolio, Naman Modi Digital.

I adhere to industry-standard security protocols and practices to ensure your data is safe and secure. This includes encryption, secure coding practices, and regular security audits.

Yes, I have extensive experience in integrating a variety of third-party services and APIs, including payment gateways, social media platforms, and more. Contact me today for all the budget friendly website creations.

I do offer ongoing maintenance and support packages to keep your application running smoothly and to implement any future updates or improvements. Book an Appointment with me now, we can discuss your project in detail and I’ll provide a customised proposal!

My pricing is flexible and depends on the project scope. I offer both hourly and fixed-price contracts to accommodate your specific needs and budget constraints. Fill a Contact form by visiting my Website, I will get in touch with you soon!

For projects with tight deadlines, I offer an expedited service at an additional cost. Rest assured, the quality will not be compromised despite the quick turnaround. Fill Book an Appointment page to know about more project inclusions. I will contact you  soon!

Absolutely, I’m experienced in integrating my solutions into existing tech stacks and can work closely with your in-house team if required.

Absolutely, my skill set extends to building scalable and complex web applications with high performance and reliability. View my Portfolio now, we can discuss your project in detail and I’ll provide a customised proposal.

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