Freelance Service Guarantee & Warranty

When you entrust your project to me, Naman Modi, you receive more than just expert freelance services; you get a robust freelance service guarantee. With my extensive experience in web design, WordPress development, Shopify, SEO, and digital marketing services, I ensure your experience is underpinned by ethical practices, personalized service, and transparent communication.

Personalized Attention and Ethical Practices

Each project is treated with individualized focus and a strong adherence to ethical standards. My freelance service guarantee is a testament to this commitment, ensuring your vision is brought to life accurately and ethically.

Transparent Communication and Fair Treatment

Open, honest communication is central to my services. This freelance service guarantee includes regular updates and equitable treatment throughout our collaboration, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.

Realistic Expectations & Satisfaction Assurance

I set clear, achievable goals and communicate expected outcomes transparently. If you’re not satisfied with the final deliverables, inform me within 30 days of project completion. Addressing and rectifying any concerns is a key aspect of my freelance service guarantee.

Confidentiality Assurance

Your confidential data is safe with me. I uphold strict confidentiality protocols, safeguarding your business’s data and intellectual property, a crucial part of my freelance service guarantee.

Commitment to Quality and Ethical SEO Practices

My SEO practices are up-to-date and ethical, ensuring they benefit your brand’s long-term digital presence. This ethical approach to SEO is a core component of my freelance service guarantee.

Assurances in Case of Delays

Should there be any delays on my part, my freelance service guarantee offers two compensations:

  • Complimentary Service: Free on-page SEO for your website.
  • Alternative Discount: A 10% reduction on our originally agreed price.

Transparent Dispute Resolution

Your concerns are important. Any issues are addressed within 24 hours, as part of my freelance service guarantee, ensuring a swift and fair resolution.

Exclusions: This guarantee applies to discrepancies from my end. Delays due to client-led extensions or communication gaps are not covered.

Claim Process:

  • Direct Contact: Reach out directly with any concerns for immediate attention.
  • Detailed Discussion: Schedule a meeting to discuss any issues thoroughly.
  • Swift Resolution: Any feedback or concerns will be promptly resolved.

Opting for my services means choosing unparalleled expertise, dedication, and a comprehensive freelance service guarantee. You get not just professional skills but also peace of mind, knowing your project is in capable, committed hands.

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