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Shopify was started in 2004 and since its inception, it has grown to become a mammoth brand in online shopping. This online store builder is used by over 600,000 retailers globally as a buying and selling platform. Its popularity is due to its simplicity and intuitive nature that allows swift transactions across the world. Besides its awesome features, Shopify also allows users to use MailChimp, PayPal and integrate with other third party services. You can also access other incredible features such as abandon cart, analytics and other user-friendly options. It’s a great option for all levels of retail stores including start-ups. 


This store builder provides various unique customizable options for users to showcase their products. Its support infrastructure is what makes it a favorable choice to many businesses owners who are always looking for simpler ways to manage and distribute their products. By choosing Shopify as your online store builder, you can start and run your online store or even scale it up in the shortest time possible. Additionally, this platform makes it easy for Shopify developers to create and customize E-commerce websites according to the client’s needs by providing themes, apps, and tools.To fully benefit from this platform the best thing is to hire a Shopify developer.

So that’s shopify. Why me?


I am a freelance Shopify developer who has the will and the right tools to make your business thrive the competition. If you want to hire a Shopify expert, I can build you an effective online store that customers can easily navigate through and find what they are looking for, without much hassle. You can launch, market and distribute all your products with ease. Shopify had been my partner since I started back in 2012. As a Shopify partner, my web developing skills include creating effective marketing strategies for your online store and sells channels that capture the clients attention in an instance.

 Since I have worked with so many clients, I have gained enough experience to know what each and every business demands when it comes to online store development. I understand that E-commerce requires a lot of work to make it productive, that is why I guarantee great return of investment from your online venture by partnering with Shopify ecommerce development.

Services offered under shopify

My Shopify web development offers several great online store management services
which are segmented in these list of offers and options.

Wholesale Setup Shopify

Wholesale Setup-Shopify

One aspect of any great online store is setting up a wholesale. This is one of my specialities. With years of experience in web development industry, I can develop a wholesale store that is unique and only caters for your client’s interest and needs. You don’t have to worry transactions, payment security, and tracking, as they come with all the packages offered by Shopify.


Custom Design & Development

By partnering with Shopify, I will provide you with awesome Shopify theme development and web designs that are quite unique and bring out all the selling points of your online store. Whether you want to upgrade your current store or start from the bottom, I know how to create Shopify apps and provide solutions to uplift your website.



Among other great services I offer is migration. You can easily migrate from Shopify to Magento, WooCommerce, Volusion, BigCommerce, many others and you can count on me to ensure that this process does not interfere with the daily activities on your online store. With all the experience I have gained over the years, I will migrate each and every piece from one platform to another without breaking your site.


Managing Regional Expansion

Is your business is growing at a remarkable speed and you need help keeping up with the expansion rate? Don’t worry about it; I can scale up your business to greater levels using Shopify Plus. You can also grow your business without technical limitations. I am an expert in both regional and worldwide expansions and you can rely on my web solutions for greater reach.


New Initiatives

I also offer various strategies and consultancy services for those wanting to put up new initiatives. Whatever your new initiative demands, I will use all my web development skills in conjunction with Shopify to make your initiative successful. I have handled many different clients with different special needs and can offer you custom web development which will propagate the venture.


Shopify Marketing

I offer Ecommerce marketing strategies to scale up your online store while maintaining a substantial ROI. You will quickly achieve your short term and long term goals using my well planned marketing strategy that drives traffic to your Shopify store. You can easily turn your conversions into revenue by offering quality products. You will also benefit from the various email marketing services that integrate with Shopify.


Custom Shopify App Dev

You can also count on my capability for web store development for custom apps and Shopify plugin development.The reason why I advocate for this platform is due to its feature-rich nature with almost any kind of custom Shopify app development for extensive functionality. This was put into consideration since different businesses have different needs that require custom apps.

Priority Support

Priority Support

For an effective online store, I will design and develop support for your online store. My web store development support is quite flexible and you can track all transactions and activities whenever you want. My web development is not final as you can implement various changes according to growth and market shifts. You can add new features that can handle your expansion rate or re-strategize your marketing campaign.


Multilingual Stores

If you are looking for Shopify experts in India to develop a store and you are asking yourself how much does a Shopify expert cost? Don’t worry my prices are quite affordable and gives an opportunity to pass your message to the world. My web store development includes bilingual and multilingual support that translates to over 12 popular languages. This is to allow people from other countries and regions to access your product with ease. You can expand your reach by using Shopify’s multilingual store.


Building Custom Shopify Stores

Using my web store development skills, I can create stylish Ecommerce store for all your online businesses on Shopify platform. What is an online business without the power to convert and retain clients? Working with me as your web store developer will expose your business to a robust, high-converting, feature-rich website with growing customer-base for many years to come.

Hiring model elucidated


You may opt for a Fixed-Price Model when you have evaluated your project requirement, its time and cost of development. After analyzing your project, I will give you a quote. Once approved, we will enter into an agreement of a certain amount that will be billed for a definite amount of task over specific time period. This model best suits Startup’s or Small Entrepreneurs with limited project needs.

  • No changes in price unless you approve such change
  • Milestones or split options also accepted
  • Know exactly what you’re getting upfront & how much
  • Upgradation or cancellation anytime


You may opt for an Hourly Model when your project is ongoing or has a pervasive scope of additions. After analyzing your project needs, I will give you an hourly quote. Once approved, we will enter into an agreement and you pay as- you- go. Suitable for both Sole and Large Entrepreneurs, this model suits best if you require continuous support in website maintenance or development.

  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • 20-40 Hours of Guaranteed production every week
  • Review Logged Hours by the end of each week in the Google Sheet
  • Upgradation or cancellation anytime

Key Benefits

Your website is a very valuable asset that can guarantee you a hefty revenue if you maximise all its selling points. To do this you need help from Shopify which is the best online store builder. If you are having second thoughts on whether to include Shopify in your website, here are reasons to prompt you:


Shopify is the most reliable online store builder that is trusted by many shoppers and shop owners. Understanding this fact, I have perfected the skill of Shopify development. All my Shopify designs are tailored to suit your business and your targeted consumers’ needs.


A significant amount of revenue on your website comes from marketing. When I develop your Shopify store, I employ all sorts of effective marketing techniques including social media which helps my clients to engage with their customers and increase traffic.


All my Shopify solutions use the latest technologies that are on demand and recommended worldwide. You will not experience any errors when transacting with your clients which may cost you a lot of money fixing the damage. All my solutions are affordable and beneficial in the long run.


My hiring packages revolves around your business needs and are flexible too. You can customize every aspect and scrutinised my credentials before being hired. This ensures that you only get the best service providers that will increase your profitability.


Any good business is based on transparency and mutual understanding that doesn’t hurt involved parties. Honesty is the best policy that is why I use cutting edge technology to track development process and updating the amount of task accomplished.


I will not leave you in the dark when you encounter certain issues with your Shopify store. I will provide thorough assistance that will cater for all technical issues so that you can quickly handle them and go back to your usual business tasks.

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