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Most businesses today make use of blogging for the purposes of promoting their products and services. The best type of blog to use is a WordPress blog. When you hire a WordPress developer for the service, you are assured of connecting better with your clients. There is one on one direct interaction with your clients. In addition, with a good consultant such as me who develops an attractive blog, you are assured of additional clients who will visit your blog often. With the high rank on Google search, you stand the chance to increase the number of visitors to your website and increasing conversion rate and sales as well.


Furthermore, your WordPress designer for hire should keep the WordPress blog user-friendly. This way, your audience will enjoy the visit to your website. This form of internet communication improves your business greatly when taken on by the right consultants on web development You get to manage other aspects of your business while your designer focuses on a blog that will improve your business. However, to get this, you need a WordPress expert who will design your blog and improve your business. Here is why you should use my services as a WordPress consultant.

Why You Need Me As A WordPress
Blog Developer?


Blog designer services focuses on developing a website from scratch that will improve your business. However, to get this, you need a WordPress expert who will design your blog and improve your business. My freelance web development services help you in creating the most ideal blog for your business development needs. As a WordPress developer, I make certain that my value-driven solutions are inventive. By keeping your business in mind when creating a WordPress blog, I offer solutions to help your small business grow fast.

With the right consultant, your blog is likely to offer you more clients. However, I do not stop here. I ensure that my solutions retain your current clients as well. 

This is possible though collecting marketing data. To make this possible, I will link your blog to social media platforms and gain insights from clients on current, previous and upcoming products and services. By gaining such insight, you the business owner will manage to improve your products and services to cater to your clients’ needs while I provide my services through constant communication.

If you need a remote WordPress designer, I offer my services to create your blog remotely and improve your small business.

Do you need my services? Contact me through this link.

Reap Benefits With The Following Array Of WordPress Services

Here Is Why You Should Use My Services As A Designer Or WordPress Consultant And The Services That I Offer Are:


Theme Development

As a WordPress developer, I ensure that the themes we use are fast for user-friendly accessibility for your clients. Your themes will also be attractive to the audience that visits your sites. This will make way for referrals and repeat visits that will translate to more additional business. There are benefits in terms of scalability as you avoid limited support, fewer features, and plug-in that does not offer the functionality that you need for your blog, which I will be looking into while building your blog from the start.All industry verticals are catered for when you enlist my freelance WordPress developer services.


Custom Plugin Development

Rest assured in regard to custom plug-in development as I am an expert in this. I provide a scalable and cost-effective plugin that will ensure that your blog runs seamlessly. Furthermore, your blog will operate on various devices used to access your brand. This will elevate your brand and improve conversion rates. Most consultants on WordPress may provide information on how to gain custom plugin that may be faulty. However, I ensure that you do not have to worry about your blog once I install my WordPress plugin thats custom made.


Testing Services

If you want to find a newsletter designer in India who offers exceptional services, then I am your guy. My newsletter designs are also available in both soft and hard copy versions. So, if you want, I can briskly print them for you, offering original newsletters with snippets for specific audiences. I can design magazine-style newsletters with multiple topics or single-topic newsletters.


Support & Maintainence Services

Once you use my remote WordPress services, you are assured of support and maintenance service for your blog. As expected, my services will provide you with an update you need on your blog as well as any technical issue. If your blog cannot be viewed via a mobile device, all you need to do is contact me and I will manage your problem. Furthermore, as a blog developer, I will ensure that I automate your blog to provide you with the SEO and CMS services to improve your traffic over search engines. For more information do checkout the packages


Ecommerce Development Services

At times, you do require managing a business using your blog. When you hire me as your WordPress developer, you are assured that your E-commerce business will take off using your WordPress blog. As a blog web developer, I will ensure to increase your web traffic and in the process, manage to improve your eCommerce business. A blog is a great way to provide information to your current and prospective clients on your products or services. Towards this end, ensure that you use my services for your eCommerce needs.


Integration Services

If you need a great integration service for your users, you need to ensure that you use my services. My WordPress integration services will provide your users with a seamless experience to your blog. My WordPress design services are inclined upon providing your end user with the experience that you intend from the onset. By using freelance developers such as me, you have integration to PrestaShop by simply clicking on a tab. Additionally, you can manage to be compatible with other WordPress plugins. Be sure to enjoy using this service with your WordPress blog account.


CMS Development

With my CMS development, you are assured as an entrepreneur that you will promote your business using blog. Regardless of the high competition in business nowadays, what you need is a WordPress expert to get your conversion rate to the roof. With my services, I guarantee your blog audience will have access to all that you have to show about your business through easy access which is all the more user-friendly. Furthermore, there will be excellent features in the WordPress website I design for you that will ensure integrated link management to all your clients.

Hiring Model Elucidated


You may opt for a Fixed-Price Model when you have evaluated your project requirement, its time and cost of development. After analyzing your project, I will give you a quote. Once approved, we will enter into an agreement of a certain amount that will be billed for a definite amount of task over specific time period. This model best suits Startup’s or Small Entrepreneurs with limited project needs.

  • No changes in price unless you approve such change
  • Milestones or split options also accepted
  • Know exactly what you’re getting upfront & how much
  • Upgradation or cancellation anytime


You may opt for an Hourly Model when your project is ongoing or has a pervasive scope of additions. After analyzing your project needs, I will give you an hourly quote. Once approved, we will enter into an agreement and you pay as- you- go. Suitable for both Sole and Large Entrepreneurs, this model suits best if you require continuous support in website maintenance or development.

  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • 20-40 Hours of Guaranteed production every week
  • Review Logged Hours by the end of each week in the Google Sheet
  • Upgradation or cancellation anytime


The WordPress Blogs that I create fall under different packages. Essentially, I use each package based on your business. For instance, if you are a blogger or having a small business, I will tailor your site in just 12 days time start to finish. On a fixed budget, you will have a newly developed WordPress Site and that too user friendly.Furthermore, you gain insight on how to update your wordpress package based on your latest products and services using my technical advise. Therefore, to get more insight on the WordPress packages you need for your business niche, you can follow this Link.


Why You should Hire Me ?


During the WordPress blog development process, you will always be in the loop of my progress.As I will provide either daily or weekly reports of my progress. In addition, with the use of Google docs, we can share the progress of your blog creation project every day. This will highlight the transparency I use as a freelance WordPress developer.


With a Non Disclosure Agreement for your site, you have copyright to your site along with maintaining data accuracy. In addition, there is correct use of all the information in your site. This means that only you has the right to share the content for your site for advertisement purposes. There will be no unauthorized access to your data by outside parties. This way, your WordPress blog helps you grow your business based on how you plan to do so and with no outside influence.


By working day and night, I ensure that the turnaround time for your project is fast. I will work based on the time you provide for your job. If you need your WordPress blog in one week, I will offer just that.


Naturally, you will need a technical expert to check your blog and maintain it for business development. However, when you choose to hire me as your WordPress developer, you get all this technical support for free. All you need to do is call me anytime.


With the use of latest technologies such as Blockchain and IoT, I will deliver user-friendly applications for your business. From the onset, I seek to find out what you need from your WordPress designer for hire. Subsequently, I present the best WordPress blog that is available among other blogs to promote your business successfully.


If you are looking for hard-line quality as well as competitive pricing for your WordPress blog. This may not be available from your local WordPress freelancer. When you use my WordPress freelancer services, I ensure to provide you favorable pricing as well as uncompromised quality for your business promoting blog. I will provide you with all you need by getting the first opinion from you prior to engaging your ideas and implementing them. When you work with me, results are guaranteed within the first month of your business promoting WordPress blog.


I will ensure complete transparency while promoting your business using blog. Subsequently, I will offer you a quote and from there, we can begin a working relationship towards improving your business. There will be no financial jargon when agreeing to a price that is favorable to you. Therefore, you will find that working with freelance developer like me is a plus for you and your business budget.


If you want to sign an NDA, we will do it for you. We make all the necessary provisions for protecting your app idea.


My business acumen is based on the principle of communication as a key to solving problems. As such, I will get the easiest way to stay in communication with you as my client. I can use WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, and other chatting forums you use for quick discussions. I always ensure that I offer the right WordPress consultant service that will improve your business once it is launched.


I offer free quality analysis testing as a remote WordPress consultant and developer. I will double check your project and ensure that there are no loopholes or bugs in your complete WordPress blog. If I do find any, I fix them immediately at no additional cost.

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