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For any successful online business, website optimization for search engines should be paramount. This is evident through a research done which concluded 44% of consumers will try to look and compare prices on search engines first before purchasing. From this percentage, 79% rely on organic results. Henceforth, this requires a well researched and implemented SEO strategy. But what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps businesses by improving their rankings in search engines which results to high traffic. Appearing on the first 3 pages of any search engine means that your website is visible worldwide and prospective clients can find your products or business easily.


Overall, SEO is a collection of activities such as organising your website’s information, help search engines find you, and displaying the information worldwide for people to easily locate you. Moreover, SEO is meant for humans like, you must first conduct a research to determine what keywords are mostly searched for and how they are being searched. This allows you to insert those keywords in your web content in a natural way that makes sense and doesn’t disrupt the flow of the content. Essentially, You need to hire seo expert to focus on content quality and the rest will follow.

Professional seo services-my guarantee:


Are you looking for SEO services in India that offer best SEO services which revolves around in-depth analysis and research to give you excellent results? Look no further, for I am your guy. I offer affordable seo services in india, designed for different businesses and marketing aspects. My adept search engine optimization techniques are based on experience and knowledge that I have gathered from my accomplished projects. I have perfected the skill and have the right technology to achieve the best results in SEO. My SEO strategy and implementation is proven by many businesses. I have helped over the years with visibility and traffic to become major brands. The technique used is also ethical and I assure you of top ranking positions in search engines in minimal time possible.

Surefire seo results with wide range of services:

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques offered by me.


Thorough Website

As a SEO service provider, I don’t just dive into a project without a detailed review of your website. For effective delivery, I will analyse and try to find out how your business works. I understand that different companies have different target audience and I take my time to discover and enhance different selling points of a website. Your website has potential, it’s just that you haven’t realised it yet. However, with my expertise in SEO, I will prune out all its weakness and elevate its strength for maximum productivity.


Online Reputation Management

What do people know about your company or what is their perception about you? This is a very important question. My online reputation management allows you to stay ahead of your competition. I ensure that my clients’ online reputation is protected from bad publicity by monitoring all engagements and transactions involved by your company. This in turn prevents you from being penalized by major search engines.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

For your website to achieve its goals, it must have the power to convert visitors into loyal customers. By applying a combination of elements like typical CRO techniques, exploring site layout, A|B testing and colour schemes, I ensure to drive your website’s conversion rate to establish better ways to coax visitors.I will ensure that your website traffic takes specific action that you want to be taken.



My consulting services covers many SEO components including construction, site theming, link building campaigns, competitor identification,competitive keyword analysis, copywriting, Meta tags and ALT attribute review, page search engine and directory submission. I also offer top seo services to find out what is derailing your website’s progress and solutions to counter each problem.



My professional SEO services includes a detailed examination of your websites performance in terms of visibility. I will do a thorough audit on your website’s technical infrastructure, on-page and off-page elements, and usability. Based on the report analysis conducted, I can offer calculated solutions to either uplift the strength or tackle the weaknesses witnessed on your website. Each website will require different peculiar approach depending on the audit.


Landing Page

We all know that landing pages play a vital role in prompting visitors to take a particular action. I will optimise your landing page so that visitors don’t just click to the next page but take that action. If I am convinced that your landing page is not giving you the right results, with your consent, as an seo freelancer I can build it from scratch ensuring that it syncs with your business needs. The landing page should sell products advertised by the link and I will make sure it does exactly that.


SEO Content

I know that SEO content covers many components of your website from tutorials, articles, research documents, whitepapers, essays to infographics. All my SEO strategies will incorporate all these aspects to ensure that every selling point of your website is exploited to the highest level. Keywords are important, but I don’t just stuff content with keywords, but rather develop great quality content to keep your audience coming back for more.


Keyword Research

In any SEO strategy, the key is understanding your target audience needs and how they search for particular products. Through my result-oriented keyword research, I will provide you with the best keywords to incorporate in your web content to improve its ranking. Keywords research also help us analyze the competition between similar keywords or its substitutes.

The scope of seo doesn’t end here, Infact its way beyond you can think of !

My SEO solutions observe the highest standards of service delivery. While most services will use malicious shortcuts like black hat to move ahead, but I employ white label seo services that are reliable in the long run. Black hat technique may seem like a good idea but will cost you dearly in the long run. You may end up being penalised by Google and your website may find itself in the bottom 100 or worse. My SEO services have been tried and proven with satisfied clients who always call for more services. You can rest assured that your website is in good hands for greater productivity.​

Local SEO Services

As a local SEO expert, my services include local services that act as pillars for any startup business. Your first clients are those around you and by gaining their trust you will end spreading your wings to other regions and slowly become a brand. That is why I take my local SEO solutions very seriously.


E-Commerce SEO Services

Online shopping is a trend nowadays and many online shoppers rely on search engines to find what they want to purchase. As an eCommerce seo expert, I provide the best eCommerce solutions such as brand awareness, conversion tracking, funnel implementation, A/B testing, heat mapping, Enhanced Analytics, and mobile optimization. I am a freelance seo expert offering custom optimization to suit a specific geographical area or business needs.

Hiring model elucidated


You may opt for a Fixed-Price Model when you have evaluated your project requirement, its time and cost of development. After analyzing your project, I will give you a quote. Once approved, we will enter into an agreement of a certain amount that will be billed for a definite amount of task over specific time period. This model best suits Startup’s or Small Entrepreneurs with limited project needs.

  • No changes in price unless you approve such change
  • Milestones or split options also accepted
  • Know exactly what you’re getting upfront & how much
  • Upgradation or cancellation anytime


You may opt for an Hourly Model when your project is ongoing or has a pervasive scope of additions. After analyzing your project needs, I will give you an hourly quote. Once approved, we will enter into an agreement and you pay as- you- go. Suitable for both Sole and Large Entrepreneurs, this model suits best if you require continuous support in website maintenance or development.

  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • 20-40 Hours of Guaranteed production every week
  • Review Logged Hours by the end of each week in the Google Sheet
  • Upgradation or cancellation anytime

Why Choose Me

for your Search Engine Optimization Services?



I focus in delivering quality content that matches your products which can be discovered easily by your potential clients though major search engines. In turn, I increase your online presence and making it successful.



A crucial ingredient in any SEO service is strategy. My solutions involve a lot of work and planning to make them successful. However, working together as partners speeds up the implementation process.



My reputation is at stake here and treasure my work very much, that is why I provide excellent SEO services that keep my clients yearning for more. My business partnership always yields a long term partnership.



My SEO services give you regular reports to see the amount of progress realized in a given span of time. This gives you a detailed analysis of your website’s performance.

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