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Hair Transplant Website SEO

Hair Transplant Website SEO

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, led by Dr. John Kahen in Los Angeles, specializes in SmartPRP® hair restoration. It offers advanced treatments, including Smart Graft and ScalpMicropigmentation, for diverse needs like beard transplants and scalp micro-pigmentation. Renowned for personalized, artistic results in facial and eyebrow hair restoration, the clinic is celebrated for its cutting-edge technology and Dr. Kahen’s expertise. BHHR’s multiple locations offer consultations for tailored hair solutions.
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Enhance BHHR's online presence and visibility among Spanish-speaking audiences.


Boost organic traffic and improve keyword rankings in local search results.


Increase conversion rates and consultation inquiries for BHHR.


Amplify positive reviews, ratings, and user engagement with BHHR's content.


Increased organic traffic to the BHHR website.
Improved rankings for target keywords, especially in local search results.
Enhanced online visibility and authority in the field of hair restoration.
Positive user feedback and engagement with informative content.
Effectively broadening BHHR’s reach for a diverse Spanish audience.

Services I Offered

Keyword Research

  • Conducted comprehensive keyword research in Spanish to identify relevant search terms related to hair restoration, hair transplant, and related services.
  • Targeted keywords with high search volume and relevance to the services provided by BHHR.

Content strategy

  • Created high-quality, informative, and engaging content in Spanish related to hair restoration, hair transplant, and other relevant topics.
  • Published blog posts, articles, and informative guides to establish the website as an authoritative source in the industry.

On-Page SEO

  • Optimized website content in Spanish to include targeted keywords naturally.
  • Ensured that meta titles, meta descriptions, and header tags were optimized with relevant keywords.

Backlink Building

  • Conducted a link-building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites.
  • Focused on guest posting, outreach, and partnerships to build a strong backlink profile.

Technical SEO

  • Conducted a thorough technical audit of the website to identify and fix any technical issues that may impact SEO.
  • Implemented schema markup to provide search engines with structured data about the services offered.
  • Improved website speed and mobile-friendliness for better user experience.

User Experience

  • Enhanced website structure and navigation for improved user experience.
  • Implemented schema markup to provide structured data for better search results display.
  • Ensured mobile-friendliness and faster website loading times.
  • Published informative and engaging content to educate users about hair restoration.

Performance Metrics

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increase in
Organic traffic
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Keyword rankings
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increase in
Conversion rates
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increase in positive reviews and ratings

Challenges and Resolutions


  • Limited organic presence in Spanish search engine results impedes reach.
  • Addressing technical challenges to improve website performance and user experience efficiently.


  • Conducted thorough keyword research and optimized content for relevant keywords.
  • Conducted a technical audit and fixed issues, improving website speed and mobile-friendliness.

Project Impact

Organic traffic and local visibility increased substantially, translating into higher foot traffic to the physical store. The enhanced website and social media engagement boosted brand awareness, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Technologies Used


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