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San Diego Water Restoration Website

San Diego Water Restoration Website

For Water Restoration, a leader in the recovery and restoration industry, I completed an end-to-end website redesign and WordPress development project within a tight two-week timeline. This involved crafting a custom design in Figma, followed by detailed custom coding in WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Elementor for a unique, interactive template. The website now boasts enhanced functionality through integrated plugins for contact forms, caching, security, and backups, ensuring a robust and efficient online presence. A key focus was on optimizing the site for speed and responsiveness, ensuring seamless accessibility on all devices, including mobiles and iPads. This project is a showcase of my ability to blend technical proficiency with creative design, delivering a tailored web solution that enhances the digital footprint of a specialized service industry.


Naman Modi is a distinguished freelance digital solutions expert and web developer with over a decade of experience. Recognized in the top 1% of successful freelancers, his expertise spans across digital marketing, web design, and mobile app development. Naman is committed to delivering innovative and tailored digital solutions, sharing his insights through his insightful blog.

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