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Fiverr: Online Marketplace for Freelance Services

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With the ever-growing number of freelancers, it’s becoming harder to find work that can sustain your income as a freelancer. That is where Fiverr comes in. Fiverr is a decent place both for Clients to hire freelancers for cheap and for Freelancers to make some quick money. It is the latest trend in the freelancing industry. Many people are choosing Fiverr as it allows them to get the work done for as low as $5. Freelancers are also embracing Fiverr for its flexibility in getting freelance work. Although many have a notion that the Fiverr app is a scam, I went my way to find out if these allegations are true. This review will look at the overview of the system to see how it works. Read through to learn how to make money on Fiverr.Before we dive into the details, let’s first define Fiverr.

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance online marketplace, where you can buy and sell services for $5 and hence the name “Fiverr”.It started operating in 2009 and has grown exponentially throughout the years to become a freelance platform giant. Its CEO Micha Kaufman claimed that the marketplace has offered freelance services for over 25 Million transactions till date, of which one-third was handled last year.

How to Sign Up With Fiverr

Fiverr signup is quite simple since it uses a single account system for both Freelancers as well as Buyers. Fiverr signup is free. Everyone can register with Fiverr without any manual verification process.

How Does Fiverr Work?

The way these online marketplace works is by creating a “Gig” by the freelancer which is simply a statement showing the client what he or she is offering for $5. Fiverr has updated this figure and bids can go up to $995.For example, a journalist can create a Gig for writing news articles with the title: “I will write a great news article for you”. The statement can be accompanied by details regarding the scope of services, the USP of services etc. The A freelancer also has to specify the time for completing the Gig. A Freelancer can also provide Gig extras for additional work and quicker delivery. Meaning, a freelancer can offer to deliver quickly for an extra amount or offer different quality of work also at different prices. This gives an option for clients to choose the exact package they need without choosing unnecessary items. This makes it easy for a client to quickly search through various Gigs created by freelancers and shortlist the one which matches his/her requirement. A client can also request for a custom price quote from the freelancer. The client has to pay Fiverr, the amount needed to buy the Gig, before doing business with the freelancer $1 will be charged For Gigs up to $20, towards service charges. For gigs over $20, the charges are 5% of the amount. This is rather high especially if you are buying a gig worth $5. Once you’ve made the payment, and making the purchase, the client needs to answer the freelancer’s question to give him/her the necessary information for completing the work. For example, this information may include Name of business, type of service needed, client’s specific requirements etc. After providing the info, the deal begins where the freelancer has to complete the work in the stipulated time. When the work is done, the freelancer needs to submit the same for the client’s review. The client can ask the freelancer to make any necessary changes, depending on the term and conditions of the deal. If there is no need for changes, the client can mark the work as completed and rate the freelancer. The ratings help other clients to judge the quality of work provided by the freelancer. On the similar lines, freelancer too can rate the client. As you can see selling on Fiverr is quite easy. When everything has gone smoothly and both the client and the freelancer are satisfied, Fiverr releases the payment to the freelancer after taking out their fees. Fiverr app charges 20% fees for each order. So for a $5 Gig, the freelancer will only get $4. If within 3 days the order is not marked as complete by the client, the system automatically marks it as complete. The payment is then released to the freelancer. This is how you make money on Fiverr.

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Types Of available Gigs

It’s possible for a freelancer to create almost any type of gig provided it’s related to their creativity. It should also be within Fiverr’s terms of service. A Gig may be a purely technical job like graphics designing, animation, programming, SEO. It can also be non-technical like making funny videos, advertising in a unique way, or making prank calls. All these are simple yet creative things. An example of a non-technical Gig is a guy advertising a café wearing a hotdog suit. You can check how popular a Gig is in the order queue.

Fiverr Levels

Freelancers are placed on different levels by Fiverr. Higher levels give a freelancer higher chances of creating Gigs and offer more Gig Extras and Gig Multiples with each Gig. The levels are also helpful for buyers to get trustworthy freelancers found at the higher level. Here are the different levels and their benefits.

New Seller

The Benefits of New Seller are:

  • 7 Active Gigs
  • 2 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20)
  • 5 Gig Multiples
  • Level 1

Criteria for reaching Level 1:

  • 30 days active on Fiverr
  • Completed at least 10 individual orders
  • Maintain a 4 star rating and above
  • Have a low cancellation rate

Benefits available to Level 1 seller:

  • 15 Active Gigs
  • 4 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40)
  • 10 Gig Multiples
  • Level 2

Criteria for reaching Level 2:

  • Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
  • Maintain a 4.5-star rating or above
  • Have a low cancellation rate

Benefits of Levels 2 seller:

  • 20 Active Gigs
  • 5 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50)
  • 15 Gig Multiples
  • Priority customer support
  • Top Rated Seller

Criteria for being a Top Rated Seller:

  • Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Have a low cancellation rate
  • Community leadership
  • Volume of sales

Benefits of a Top Rated Seller:

    • 20 Active Gigs
    • 5 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50)
    • 15 Gig Multiples
    • Priority customer support


As you have seen, Fiverr Freelance services are not schemes. However, the freelancers registered on Fiverr can be scammer which is always the case for freelancer websites. The good thing is that you can always forward your grievances, whether you are a client or a freelancer to the system. The disputes are handled by the system at their own discretion. The decision can favor either way. Sometimes the decision may not seem fair, angering one party. This is natural in any dispute. This is what leads to negative reviews related to Fiverr. There are more negative Fiverr Reviews compared to other freelancing websites. This shows that there is an amount of laxity and inefficiency of Fiverr support to resolve issues to satisfy both the parties which they need to seriously work on.

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