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Top Freelance Tools Every Freelancer Should Use

Top Freelance Tools Every Freelancer Should Use NamanModi Banner Main

Freelancing is growing fast and steadily with many professionals venturing into this industry for its lucrative income. Setting out as a freelancer to build your own business can be a tricky affair. You may have the expertise and skills but without the proper tools to help you maneuver around it may be difficult at times. Whether you are starting out or you have been in the business for some time, it is needful to know that many freelancer tools and apps are available out there to make your work easy and enable you to be more productive.

A lot of freelancer app developer companies are dedicated to building solutions for freelancers with some being fantastic while others are just okay. This review will focus on 10 of the most effective freelance apps available in the market. So, if you are a freelancer, read through and expand your knowledge on how to make a lucrative and sustainable business. You need to understand that the main aim of freelancing is to work less and at the same time make a kill in the industry. We hope that this will assist you.

WeworkWework (Work Space)

Working from the house may seem unofficial to many freelancers who wish to have that office like atmosphere. You just need to break from the norm. Wework is suitable for those who feel more productive in an office-like environment. Wework is fitted with fantastic amenities at pocket-friendly prices. The freelancer app developer had solo freelancing in mind when he designed this tool.
It gives the perfect setup for anyone trying to build up a business and have changing needs. They have several locations all over the country.

Double Your Freelancing RateDouble Your Freelancing Rate(Online Course)

Working less hours and making more money is what freelancing should be all about. With Double Your Freelancing Rate Online course, you do not only get an opportunity to make more money, but also deliver perfect projects to your clients. Being a paid course double your freelancing rate will equip you with knowledge on how to raise your prices, explain your worth, and better justify what you are all about to your potential clients. Its value is unmatched and it can help you earn additional income in a couple of months.

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AndCoAndCo(Admin and Business Management)

Being an app freelancer you always want to stay on top of administrative task like the boss you are. This acts like your personal assistant.

AndCo app is part app and part human. Get your personal assistant at a lower cost. This app is able to invoice and track time and helps in tasks like sending invoices and preparing tax documents.

Harvest(Accounting and BussinessHarvest(Accounting and Bussiness Management)

As a business owner you need to handle your accounts and time as a professional; this means tracking time, expenditure, and income. The Harvest app features a complete financial package. It is simple, and yet, complete and it can perform all financial functions without accounting hiccups meaning you are already sorted. The app enables you to project your future earnings by simply seeing how your time turns to money based on tracking. It’s a very serious app for a serious a freelancer who intends to make freelancing a career.

BonsaiBonsai (Contracts and Payment)

This tool simplifies payment and contracts management for a freelancer. This means that you get to stay focused on your work rather than worrying about complicated legalese and payment gateways. Using it will make you streamline everything. This kind of approach towards billing and signing makes your venture more professional and eventually, you will save time. Bonsai guarantees that its users are bound to get paid faster. (Email Management)

If you are a freelancer seeking to manage your emails better, then is the best way to go. Regarding emails, organization is the most important thing. You don’t want to go through a cluttered inbox to find out what you are looking for. This freelancer tool can identify email subscriptions, messages that clog your email, and find out ways of getting rid of them by either deleting them or condensing down to a simple email message per day.

ShakelowShakelow (Contract)

This wonderful tool is more advanced to handle complicated legal needs and contracts that require specific provisions and clauses. The tool can handle any kind of contractual agreement.

Brand24Brand24 (Brand Monitoring)

As a freelancer, it’s important to follow through every activity regarding your business. This app will monitor every aspect of your venture. Brand24 gives you access to brand mentions from social media mentions and all over the web.


CushionCushion(Work and Project Scheduling)

This particular tool helps you visualize and manage your work schedules. As a freelancer, many times it is hectic when you get overbooked or even have projects that run over. Sometimes, you can even forget schedule time off. It automatically shows you the possibility of being overbooked, when you should look for more work, or when you have projects that may run over.

TobyToby(Browser Tab Management)

A freelancer suffers the danger or drowning in open browser tabs- research, documents and articles that usually clog up your browser. The Toby tool gives you advances such as sorting, managing, and saving browser tabs. This way, you can clear clutter without losing links or search again for material you have already closed.

Our Final Verdict

Freelancing is becoming a leading source of income among many professionals. However, without proper working tools to help you to succeed in this world, you may not be successful. That is why this post has shared out with you these 10 freelancer tools that give you freedom to enjoy your work and be more productive. Therefore, it’s high time you got for yourself the most suitable ones from our list to get the best out of your freelancing efforts.

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