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Top 5 PayPal Alternatives for Bloggers and Freelancers

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A few years back while freelancing and blogging was a new field, payments across the globe were only possible through PayPal. However, this has changed today and it is possible to find some PayPal alternatives that ensure payments are simple across the country worldwide for those freelancers and clients who found PayPal restrictive to their needs. These are authentic methods that ensure that you get your money electronically within no time at all. The major disadvantage before then was that in some countries such as India, RBI and PayPal disputes made it hard to transact within the country. However, with these alternatives of payment, it is possible. Most PayPal alternatives have websites that are much similar to PayPal; nonetheless, there are either more or less features depending on the PayPal alternative. The following discussion will take a look at these alternatives and provide you with the features so as to ascertain as a blogger or a freelancer how best to get your payments.

Best PayPal Alternatives Available In 2018

Payoneer1. Payoneer

This is among the oldest services for freelancer payments globally. Today, it is available in India, Pakistan, and African countries. This PayPal alternative allows you to receive money from European countries and the U.S. The main advantage with Payoneer is that the transactions are cheaper than PayPal which means that after receiving your blogger payments you get to save some money. In addition, signing up to Payoneer is free. When you get to the transaction threshold of $1,000, you get a $25 bonus.

2. Stripe


This is the best PayPal alternative if you need the acceptance of payment for an online store you may have. Despite being a USA based company, they accept applications from numerous countries globally. In case you are not among the list of countries accepted by Stripe, the Stripe Atlas Program helps you incorporate a USA company that opens up a bank account for you. Therefore, if you need your freelancer payment directly from a US bank account, this is the PayPal alternative to use.|

Furthermore, Stripe is linked to most e-commerce and web stores; therefore, you can integrate the payment method using a plugin to your e-commerce site or web store. By so doing you can accept payments either once or recur for you online freelancer store payments.

You can also make freelancer payments using stripes by using all major debit and credit cards available in over 13 countries. This makes the payment method truly global. Therefore, for no set or monthly fee, you can use this payment method and be truly global as a blogger or freelancer with an online business.

TransferWise3. TransferWise

This little-known money transfer website was created by Skype with the backing of Richard Branson. As a PayPal alternative, you have the advantage of lower transaction fees as well as currency conversion rates.

Using TransferWise, you enter the amount to transfer, upload the money, make the conversion, and send the money.
Therefore, the blogger will get their freelancer payments in their own currency. There are various countries and currencies supported by this PayPal alternative. In addition, the first transaction is normally free but for up to £ 500.


This is a great alternative to PayPal and most online freelancer is turning to this. Also known as 2CO, positive reviews from freelancers and online businesspersons are what makes it a great alternative to PayPal. For instance, ShoutMeLoud download store collects payments from all over the world using 2CO.

There is only one downside; 2CO has a high transfer and transaction fee. Getting started on 2CO is straightforward and you get 24/7 support to ensure you have all you need when making a transfer or payment.

Skrill5. Skrill

This is a popular Payoneer and PayPal alternative due to their great currency conversion rates.

To begin, you create an account, make payments, withdraw funds and use the Skrill prepaid MasterCard to shop or withdraw from ATM all around the world.

In addition, there is an Android and iPhone app that allows you to manage your transactions using your mobile.

Remitly6. Remitly

For citizens in the Philippines and in India, Remitly is a great PayPal alternative. Payments can be made via credit card or debit by simply login into your account and transferring money to your card. In addition, sending of payment is not charged but the recipient has to wait for 3 days.




In conclusion, using the above online payment services, Bloggers payments, and Freelancers payments can be made with less hustle than when you use PayPal. Essentially, these are only alternatives to PayPal, there is nothing wrong with PayPal, just that the above is a comparison of how much more you can get from alternatives.

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