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What is Outsourcing in website development? Benefits & Advice

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Sometimes a company may lack the expertise to develop its website and may resort to seeking services from another company or freelancer. The agreement between these two companies to work together is known as outsourcing. This article will explain vividly what outsourcing is, how it works, what are its benefits and advice when it comes to website development.

Below we are going to learn how to get started with outsourcing:

Outsourcing in website development

When a company decides to seek website development services from experts outside the company, the process is known as outsourcing. This usually happens when the employees have no capacity or are not capable of performing those tasks since they are preoccupied with other essential responsibilities. This helps to save time, resources, and money by focusing on the company’s goals that are more productive and profitable to the company.

What is onshore, offshore, and nearshore development?

I can bet that you’ve heard of these terms before, but you are not very sure what they mean. It is pretty logical. If you think about it, the “shore” part refers to outsourcing developers from abroad. Many companies understand that there is a natural talent and affordable web development services offered elsewhere, and that is why small businesses, medium-sized companies, and enterprise-level business seek outside their region or country. To makes things clear, let’s define these three terms:
Onshore – This term refers to outsourcing from the same region where you reside but from a third party.
Nearshore – This is when a company decides to outsource from the neighboring region or country, and it’s not a popular option when seeking website development services
Offshore – This one is pretty self-explanatory, meaning outsourcing from another country to a third party.

Benefits of Outsourcing Website Development

The main reason why many companies choose to outsource their website development is due to its cost-effectiveness, plus you get the best services from seasoned professionals. Both the client and the company’s outsourcing services depend on the success of the development project. Other important reasons include:

  • To Avoid Overhead Expenses and Cutting Cost

    Times are tough, and that is why many companies are doing everything possible to cut production costs. Deciding to hire a new team to develop a website brings extra overhead expenses. The main this here is salary. A new team will require a salary, and if you combine this with office space, reimbursements, hardware/software resources, and other costs of operation, you will reduce the company’s ROI. Since freelancers don’t require a salary, your IT recruitment hiring budget will decrease tremendously.

  • Access to greater expertise

    Since custom website development is a task that requires professional skills, hiring experts who have knowledge, tools, and experience to do app development projects will give you desirable results. The end product will not only serve its purpose but will also increase productivity. The project will get finished in the stipulated time, and you will get high-end products.

  • Focus on Core Processes

    Outsourcing is getting a lot of love from startups and small scale businesses due to their insufficient resources and staff. Startups are just starting to found out how to balance the cost of production and ROI, and outsourcing will help lighten the burden. These small businesses will stay on target by keeling their production budget within limits.

  • Capacity Management

    When seeking website development services, you need to remain within the confines of the stipulated cost and time. You should be able to adjust a few requirements to create capacity management. Capacity management entails managing IT services and infrastructure to achieve business goals.

  • Technology to know/advances

    With global technological advancements, the way things are done has increased the level of competition. To stay ahead of your competitors requires the best service providers, and outsourcing website development ensures that you get value for your money. There are some complex projects that the in-house team won’t be able to pull out simply because they lack the skill-set and knowledge to do such projects. Since freelancers have worked on numerous projects, they know precisely how best to handle different projects. Their track record and portfolio show that they understand exactly what they are doing.

  • Time-Saving

    Meeting deadlines is a big problem for in-house developers who are reactant and know that at the end is the day they are going to get their salaries. Web Development freelancers are dedicated to what that specializes in and will put their best foot forward to ensure that the project is finished in the stipulated time since their pay depends on it. There is a lot of tasks that need to be done in the company, and as the project manager, you may not have the time to do it. Outsourced workers will work tirelessly to complete the project on time.

  • Flexibility for Short Term Commitments

    Website development is usually a short-term project, and hiring a full-time in-house developer for such a project doesn’t make sense. Are you going to pay still pay them way after the project is finished or suck them with retirement benefits once they are done? I mean, really, think about it. For this reason, outsourcing is the best option since you will only pay for services rendered and nothing else. The best thing is that you have the choice of hiring them back when a similar project needs to be done, or hire another team if you were not satisfied with the previous team.

What to focus on when outsourcing

  • Define Your Goals

    Any company needs to define its goals. This enables it to stay focused and confident of what they intend to achieve in the long run. The website development process should be described vividly, including the product or services that are to be outsourced. A core team should be brought in to evaluate and negotiate with the service provider.

  • Check the company portfolio

    The next thing you need to lookout is verifying a company’s experience. Their past projects illustrate their expertise. A company’s projects show the technologies and skills that can be applied to your project as well.

  • Budget Your Goals & Finance

    Knowing what the company is willing to spend on website development puts you in the right position to quote costs so that you don’t overspend when outsourcing. Match your development budget with development companies that are willing to accept what you are offering. I am not suggesting you go for the cheapest offer but stay within the confines of your budget. If you have time, create a budget for your app development, ensure that the ROI is equal to or greater than the cost of development. By allocating a budget, it makes it easier to compile a list of development agencies that fit the bill.

  • Look for the Most Communicative Ones

    The list of development agencies that you have just created should help you narrow the search for the right company. Look for a company that communicates with its clients so that they can follow up on the development progress. Usually, companies or freelancers that don’t communicate end up not meeting the client’s requirements. This further delays the envelopment process when they are urged to redo the project.

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What if I fail to deliver the project?
If this happens then you can take advantage of my Money-Back Policy*. I guarantee to give you a refund only in the following circumstances:

  • Your order cannot be finished on time.
  • You are not satisfied with the final product.
  • Your request to cancel the order is received before the order is initialized.

*Please note no refund will be applicable after the final zip is delivered or installed or downloaded. The files are only delivered or installed or downloaded once the customer is fully satisfied with the work.

How I can transfer the funds?
I use PayPal for long-term and secure payment. I’ll be raising an invoice for all the tasks I’ll be completing. I can also accept the payment using Payoneer & Wire Transfer.

Are you afraid to send money somewhere out of your country?
Paypal is 100% secured and it comes with PayPal’s Buyer Protection program that might reimburse you. To take advantage, you need to report the transaction quickly, but Buyer Protection does not cover all transactions. Buyer Protection is similar to the benefits you get with a credit card: You can reverse the charges if the seller fails to deliver what was promised.

Can I make your project?
Yes. I only accept the projects for which I’m 100% confident. Also, you’ll be working directly with me and can easily communicate about progress anytime using Skype/WhatsApp/Hangouts.

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