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Important Tips To Hire The Best Freelancer SEO Experts


One of the cornerstones of an effective marketing strategy is search engine optimization. If you have a business website or publish web content, you need to ensure that you are easily found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Implementing an SEO strategy on your own is not as it seems. You need to hire a freelance SEO expert for search engine optimization services. This post discusses everything you need to know about finding the right freelancer for hire. 

What Is SEO and What Are Its Benefits? 

SEO in full means search engine optimization. It is the act of creating different strategies to enhance web content so that your website ranks higher on search engine result pages (SERP) on Google and other search engines. You can use different effective methods to make your website rank higher on search engines. They include link building, adding keywords, and constantly creating fresh, engaging, and relevant web content. In any digital marketing strategy, SEO plays a significant role. As a brand or business, you should not ignore the potential of SEO efforts. Generally, businesses that are easily found on search engine results pages (SERP) usually rank higher on search engines. This, in turn, leads to more conversions and sales. 

You will attract more organic traffic to your website if you utilize SEO best practices compared to paid ads on search engines. This also means that you will get more value if you decide to let people find your website on a search engine results page. SEO also saves you significant money because you won’t need to pay to generate organic traffic. 

Do you Need an SEO Freelance Expert to Make Your Business Thrive?

Implementing an effective SEO strategy into your digital marketing campaign takes more than targeted keywords. To make businesses thrive and meet their bottom line, freelance SEO experts spend a lot of time understanding and analyzing data. If you decide to learn SEO on your own, it will consume much of your time and energy that you could have used to look for new ideas to expand your business. It will also cost you a lot of money to allocate a monthly salary for an in-house SEO expert. If you decide to work with a freelance SEO expert specialist, you will have more flexibility in terms of resources and time, which is critical to making your business thrive. An ideal starting point when you are looking for an SEO freelancer is through a marketing network. There is a rich global network of best-in-class freelancers online with years of SEO marketing experience. 

Determining Your SEO Needs

Before looking for an SEO expert, you need to understand what you want to achieve with SEO. This means knowing your SEO goals and needs. Start by creating an SEO checklist to use as a point of reference. You can start by going through a 15-minute SEO checklist provided by Moz. With a checklist, you can narrow down where you want your freelancer expert to focus by identifying your current SEO weaknesses and strengths. You can refer to this list when vetting candidates to check whether they meet the requirements. 

How to Find and Hire the Right Freelance SEO Experts?

A reputable SEO freelancer expert wants to understand your brand, stays updated with the latest SEO marketing trends, and is communicative. 

After you have narrowed down your list of potential SEO freelancer experts, you can begin narrowing them down with these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Request your candidate to provide samples of his or her past work from previous clients to help you understand how experienced they are. This is also an excellent way to gauge their operations and what to expect from their services. 
  • Step 2: The second thing that you need to do is have at least one interview with the freelancer. During the interview, you can request the freelancer access your website and what he often concentrates on when offering SEO services to clients. You will also understand his work process and communicative skills as you do this. 
  • Step 3: You can provide a short task assessment to gauge their SEO capabilities. It can be a keyword, page, or link to focus on. You can give them several weeks to provide you with results. If you are satisfied, you can move forward with a larger project.
  • Step 4: Continue mentioning what your expectations are with your freelancer. To get rid of ambiguity, ask the SEO freelancer expert to explain what they require from you, and remember to keep an open dialogue all the time. 

How to Shortlist SEO Professionals?

The first two steps will allow you to develop a shortlist of potential SEO freelancer experts. Always remember to keep these three things in mind when coming up with a shortlist:

  • Industry fit
  • Experience 
  • Past feedback

By prioritizing these three aspects when creating a shortlist, you can concentrate on candidates with experience in the field you are interested in. After that, you go through customer reviews and testimonials to back up the experience. Another simple way to look for a freelance SEO expert is through a marketing network. This eliminates the recruitment process. They will do this by matching a qualified SEO with the field that you are interested in. You may save a lot of time with this. All you need to do is pick the best-in-class freelance SEO expert who suits your industry needs. It also helps you prevent the risk of choosing an unqualified SEO expert who will likely do more damage than good.

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How Much Does a Freelance SEO Expert Cost?

The cost of hiring a freelancer SEO expert will depend on many things based on the services you are looking for. While some SEO freelancer experts charge by the project, others will charge by the hour. The average cost of a freelancer who charges per hour is between $25 to $50. Most SEO consultants or agencies will charge an average of $60 per hour, making freelancer SEO experts more affordable. Working with a marketing network agency such as NamanModiDigital offers another cost-effective way of acquiring SEO services. Such an agency offers brands and businesses a pool of expert freelancers. I also have flexible solutions that will cut the cost of SEO services based on your needs. I also offer excellent talent; therefore, you can rest assured that every aspect of your SEO is catered to. 

When dealing with a freelance SEO professional who charges by the project, the customer establishes the scope of work. This makes it flexible and cost-effective. Depending on how much effort you’re prepared to invest in each month, this model allows you to pay with a retainer. The cost ranges from $500-$5000 or more a month if you choose to go with cost per project. 

Paying an SEO freelancer expert based on performance is one way to incentivize a freelance SEO specialist. You can also set costs based on how a particular campaign performs compared to how a freelancer performs. 

Why Hire Me?

I will offer you a detailed SEO Report and manually audit your competitors and your website. This will include recommendations, screenshots, and explanations. Unlike most people who run automated reports and give you those results, I deliver my reports manually and are usually 30+ pages long. 

As I analyze your website, I often focus on issues hindering your performance, making it hard to rank high on search engine results pages (SERP). I will provide recommendations based on the analysis provided and explain the right cause of action. 

My SEO audit looks at, but is not limited to:

✔ Domain Analysis, Internal Site Problems

✔ Site loading test

✔ Potential technical and code issues

✔ Broken Links 

✔ Keyword research and analysis 

✔ 10 min.First Impression Video Review! 

✔ Detailed backlink audit 

✔ Mobile optimization

✔ Image analysis

✔ Keyword research and analysis 

✔ Competitor Analysis

✔ Backlink profile overview

✔ Detailed backlink audit 

If the above offer impresses you and you would like to get my SEO services, don’t hesitate to contact me to see how we can strike a partnership that will make your business grow. 

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