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Important Aspects When Hiring A Freelancer Software Developer


Are you hiring a freelance software developer? This hiring guide offers insightful tips to help you hire a top freelance software developer in 2022.

Why you need services from a freelancer software developer

Freelance development has become more popular in the decade. Separating the wheat from the chaff is much more complicated since many websites feature freelancers. Continue reading to find out more advantages of using a freelance software developer.

Getting development services from a freelance software developer saves you a lot of money. You will save more money if you don’t need to pay overhead costs for the company. However, seeking development services from a freelance software developer is not as cheap or easy as it may seem. You are also taking a risk when you decide to hire a freelance software developer. Most freelance developers are underestimated, and many think they are not professional. It is not surprising that a freelancer can do a better job than a development agency. It would help to consider several crucial factors to get the best freelance software developer.

This guide is about finding the best software developers for your projects. The key is to be conscious of your surroundings and what to expect. You should also know how much freelance developers charge for their services and the types of developers you are looking for.

From this article, you will understand the importance of engaging a freelance software developer, which specialist is good for you, and your priorities when looking for a freelance developer. This guide will also give you tips on where to find top freelance prospects.

Aren’t all developers freelancers?

Not all software developers are freelancers. There is a big difference between full-time employees and freelance developers. A freelancer developer is only there to cater to the client’s software development project needs. Once the project is finished, the freelancer is free to work on another client’s project. In most cases, a freelance software developer works remotely or from home. They do not show up for work for a predetermined amount of hours. They determine the amount of time needed to complete a project. You, the client, are free to select any freelancer to complete your job. If you are unsatisfied with the services rendered by a freelancer developer, you are free to switch to another freelancer. The freelance developer often determines the project’s timeline. Compared to full-time employees, freelance software developers are not accountable. So, why hire a freelance software developer?

Hiring a freelance software developer has its benefits. Some of the more appealing advantages are listed below:

Cost Savings

Hiring development services from a freelancer is cost-effective because the cost is much lower than hiring an entire agency or a full-time employee. You won’t be responsible for covering a freelancer’s overhead charges, including tools, an office, and other costs. This means that they are cost-effective compared to full-time software developers.

Access to top talents from around the world

Seeking software development services from freelancers allows you access to freelancers from across the globe. A freelance software developer is not confined to one particular geographical region. Freelancers can work from anywhere, as long as they like your project. You don’t need to worry about how they will communicate with your team and their location; only about their delivery.

Working hours flexibility

Once you choose to seek development services from a freelancer, you won’t need to worry about his or her work hours. Freelancers don’t have fixed work schedules since they are independent workers. Projects are completed based on the client’s requirements, and they don’t have to report or skip work during holidays. This saves you the headache that comes with signing leave requests.

Increased Productivity

Initially, the productivity level of a freelancer was a major concern to many business owners and hiring managers. They believed it was hard to monitor someone who was not around the office to gauge productivity. Today, freelancers want to build their portfolios. Therefore, they do their best to impress clients to get recommendations. This means they will do their best to outdo their competitors. Their productivity rate is even higher since they are not distracted by the office environment.

Know the Type of Developer You Need

When searching for a freelancer to hire for your projects, you need to know the freelancer you are looking for. Some of the available developers include full-stack developers, front-end developers, and back-end developers. You must understand every kind of freelance developer because each of them has its specialty.

Qualities of a great developer

After pondering hard on which type of freelance software developer you are looking for, you now need to concentrate on looking for the best of that particular developer. There are some of the factors that you need to consider:

Technical Expertise

The freelancer must have the necessary skills to make the project work. A freelance software developer’s technical skills or expertise is a critical aspect that you need to consider. An ideal freelance candidate needs to:

  • Show how fluent he or she is in a particular programming language relevant to your project. If you need to develop an iOS mobile app, the developer needs to be proficient in the Swift language.
  • Be knowledgeable in any framework, tool, or library you will use in your project. The developer needs to be familiar with Android SDK if you need to develop an android app. A project that requires database integration needs a developer who understands SQL. Node.js and ReactJS are both crucial if a developer is using JavaScript.
  • Able to use version control software. Version control software such as Git is very crucial in projects that need collaboration. This software allows more than one developer to work on a project without interfering with each other’s code.
  • Know how to use online collaborative tools such as Slack.

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How to find the best developer?

Once you have decided to get a freelance software developer, below are the steps that you need to follow to find an ideal service provider:

  • Know your requirements
  • Come up with a detailed job description
  • Come up with a post on the right Job Platforms

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